Day 7

Day 7 | An Overview of Scripture


Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

Choose if you are going read daily by:

  • Purchasing a paperback copy, reading the scripture from this page, or listening to me read scripture to you.
  • Remember to continue to make a P.A.C.T in prayer



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240 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Keat says:

    Got a paperback copy with NIV1984, will choose reading the scripture from this page though for this programme

  2. Jim says:

    I would likt to listen to Vince for daily scripture. I have been listening to a chapter of Proverbs in Bible Gateway for a while now.

  3. Gregory Whittet says:

    I use a NKJV. Im currently reading 3 different books of the Bible a week. Chapter by Chapter, Verse by Verse.

  4. Ken Winegarden says:

    Doing things individually & with my wife for all areas of health & faith journey. Doing things for my marriage & relationship with my wife, individually & with her. It’s hard but all part of the process. I can’t do it on my own. I can do all things with God in my life.

  5. Eric says:

    Ok, guys, this is where we add scripture to the daily. I will likely listen to Vince during my commute and it shouldn’t interfere with my current daily reading.

  6. Brian says:

    I currently am reading a Bible that is set up to go through the Bible over the course of the year. I have been at that daily since the beginning of the year. For these readings I will use my regular Bible.

  7. Martin says:

    Using Holman study Bible as I received it as a gift. Yep, it is in paper form. However, I may listen to you on occasion just to check out how you are presenting the Scripture. Fair enough?

  8. Jason Hurd says:

    I will plan to use the links to read here… but I’ll “kick it up a notch” and read out loud like we’ve been doing with the praying.

  9. hammesrb says:

    I will probably do a combo of reading and audio, although i can’t seem to find the book we are supposed to be reading.

  10. Cory says:

    I have my book ready and waiting to go. I find I get more out of the reading, highlighting and using the study guide at the bottom.

  11. Peter says:

    I’ll be reading the Bible scriptures from the app on my device along with listening to Vince read it. I find that I retain more when I do that.

    P.s. I’ve been clicking the radio button to save my name and email for next time and it doesn’t do it. Anyone else having that issue?

  12. JAMES DELGADO says:

    I am going to read the Bible as I listen to you read it.

  13. Bryon says:

    Looking forward to it…I love my “Every Man’s N..V. Bible.” It provides great commentary to help clarify difficult passages as well as numerous additional thoughts and scripture directly related to men’s issues.

  14. Thomas Sells says:

    I can’t agree more about the importance of reading scripture…it is hard to understand the correlation of the #1 book ever sold, but the least read. That does not compute. Looking forward to reading scripture together!!

  15. ariperez104 says:

    Habits and patterns… the challenge is built to be sustainable and attainable, which helps with commitment. Also I may toy around with having the Bible read to me.

  16. Janic Maysonet says:

    I love that the challenges are not extremely hard, it’s small steps to building a habit. That note he made about the number one seller being the least read ?. Have to get my head in the scriptures!


    I will probably listen to you as I believe you are going to provide some great insight. I will probably also read from my Bible as well as I also know that it is important to open it up and physically dive in.

  18. Zach says:

    I love my heavy leather bound Bible. I enjoy making notes in the margins about what I think God is trying to tell me. But I have also used the Bible App quite a bit. I will probably go back and forth.

  19. Gerald Waddle says:

    I love this idea. I’m going to read along in my Bible but also listen. I find it interesting to get both perspectives.

  20. Loryn says:

    I love my paper copy of as I l7ke having a book in my hands. Also love the mobile app as can use at work. Best book to read.

  21. Todd says:

    Listening will be my primary method most-likely during walk or at work via earbuds, followed by reading it if listening doesn’t work out. Will potentially be taking notes in my journal as I listen.

  22. Tommy says:

    For me, I’ll be using my Bible app to read scriptures. Both my Bibles are American Standard. Should be good just have to get Joey involved

  23. Tom says:

    I thank the Lord for putting Vince in my spiritual walk, to show me how to pray,worship,and acknowledge Christ our Lord. I thank the Lord for all that he has provided me in my life. He is an
    awesome God. He is always there an never leaves my side. Thank You Lord. Amen!

  24. Eddie says:

    life threw a squirrel in my path and I am two days behind, but I am catching up now and will be back on track come Monday, but the men’s retreat is this weekend, so I am concerned I might fall behind again as I normally do this from my home computer, not my phone…

  25. Seare says:

    I will Read the paper version. I will still listen to vince read it as well. No reason why, my be curiosity or to have better grasp of it.

  26. Dave says:

    Good morning fellas – catching up here- I’ll read from my phone or listen to Vince on the way to work each morning.

  27. Guy says:

    Since reading and listening use different parts of the brain, I’m going to try listening for a change.

  28. Mark Lubbock says:

    Participating in five other Read Bible in Year groups. Using g personal Bible, Chronological Bible, You Version Plan’s (3 of these these) & online. Having FUN with this mix!

  29. Robert Ordóñez says:

    I’m still in catch-up mode, but getting closer. I’ll be using a Bible app for now, but I’m considering a physical bok, out at least a printout, to help me focus.

  30. Nathan says:

    I am going to switch it up and try and listen and read at the same time. I like extra insights as I go along, and I have never done it this way before.

  31. Tom says:

    Intrigued. I consider reading scripture as nothing more than God talking to me, personally. That’s just one way God talks to me. And it can happen anytime I choose. I choose now.

  32. Gordon says:

    I read the NIV Bible in a book, on my computer, and on my cell phone. The NIV has good footnotes for alternate translations and cross-references. The “reading the scripture from this page” link should activate tomorrow.

  33. Steve says:

    I have chosen to read from the scripture. I am currently reading through the NIV Integrated Study Bible, A Chronological Approach to Studying Scripture. Very interesting to read a timeline version of the bible.

  34. TJ says:

    All right, so I had to listen to this one again. I thought that the blue text in the instructions were links, but I guess this challenge actually starts tomorrow…I am planning to both listen and read. I have this aversion to marking up any books, so whatever notes I take will either be electronic or in a separate notepad. I’d ask to take bets on which book it is, but gambling is probably frowned upon…I’m going to guess either Acts (so we can start a journey of our own acts), or Roman’s. It’s probably the most well known, richly-textured non-Gospel book that isn’t half doom and gloom…;)

  35. AZ says:

    Good prayer time this morning! Going to buy a new Amplified version. It’s what I’m use to, I enjoy the tone I get when I read it. I’ll read first then listen, as Scotty mentioned, would be good to listen to Vince’s comments.

  36. Les Silliman says:

    Good morning guys. All set for the next phase of the challenge.
    As I prayed this morning I came to a decision. One area that has always been a problem for me is that I get hung up on spending all of my time repeating the same prayers day after day and neglect other areas that I should pray about. I haven’t worked out the details yet, but I am going to attempt to set up a weekly prayer schedule, where I focus on one specific area each day of the week. It will look something like this:
    Sunday, church, both local and worldwide.
    Monday, country and world relationships.
    Tuesday, friends and acquaintances and their needs,
    Wednesday, one of my children and their family
    Thursday, another child and family,
    Friday, another child and family, and
    Saturday my 4th child and family.
    These family groups vary in size and needs, so one group will take more time than another, so one that takes less time will be the day when I also add in Linda and myself.
    Of course there will always be specific things that come up on other days, but I think this pattern will bring me to being more consistent in praying for these areas.
    Any suggestions for what I might want to change?

    • TJ says:

      I think you have it pretty well covered, Mr. S. I like that you have a format that is regimented but not stagnant. I noted in my challenge a few days ago that I am worried about rote prayers and falling into repetitive requests. I think you’ve discovered a good balance, to insure inclusivity but keep it from being a mere ritual.

  37. R says:

    I will be using a couple different methods……reading and listening just so I don’t miss anything.

  38. Al Comptois says:

    Yeah I’m with you Stephen, but baby steps.
    I’m going to stick with my English standard version, but I’m sure to listen to the audio on my way home from work .

  39. John Sides says:

    I’ll be using primarily the You Version Bible app. Starting this year, our church switched to the NLT-New Living Translation from the NIV. I like both versions, in addition to the New King James (NKJV) and English Standard Version (ESV). Most recently, I have been partial to the CSB-Christian Standard Bible. The nice thing about the bible app, I have access to all of these versions.

  40. Nate Hill says:

    To me, the Bible is loving and active. There is not one thing that happens in this life, that I have not found an answer in His word.

    I love meditating and memorizing verses and His promises. I found that the more I stay in His Word, the more my life is transformed and the more I desire what He desires. I have more of a heart fire the lost, more empathetic to those in pain and a more giving heart.

    I recognize the selfishness within myself, more honest to facing that nature in me that I hate because I see how it destroys relationships and through His Word, I see the world to come and looking forward to the day I get to touch my Creator.

    Salvation is such a wonderful thing and in a world where I am just another cog in the wheel, I have significance to Him.

    I love it that He rejoices over me and declared me His son.

    I am saddened, knowing many people reject such a great salvation and will never know the wonderful experience of His grace because of their pride.

    I make it a habit starting my day in His Word and meditate on the Word daily.

    For those men that are new to this, hang in there. It is a journey that you will never regret!

  41. Gavin says:

    Thanks Vince! Looking forward to diving into Gods word. I’ll be reading along on my Bible app. All In!

  42. Darren Dummer says:

    Prayed with P.A.C.K.
    Tomorrow I will listen to his audio reading of the Bible while reading along the text myself. Doing both at the same time helps me stay focused on the content.

    • Matt Troyer says:

      I’ve got access to all three but my favs are reading a physical copy and listening. I don’t do listening all that often but I’m going to listen this book in the Bible.

  43. Thomas Toedter says:

    I will probably mesh the audio reading with personal reading time from the word for this assignment. Lets get to it men!

  44. LAVON C LAMBERTY says:

    By reading the Bible one finds out that it keeps a person from sin and that sin can keep a person from reading it.

  45. Chris says:

    I continue to pray out loud and find new things to give thanks for, ask for and confess. Also, I can’t click on the “reading the scripture from this page” link to read on?

  46. Dave says:

    It is nice to have options, although I do not have an NIV Bible, nor will I probably purchase one. Instead I will stick with my NLT and listen to Vince so I can glean his additional comments.

  47. Joe says:

    Thanks Vince, i have several bibles, so i’ll be reading from my bible or from the bible on my device

  48. James Celkis says:

    Likewise, brother!
    I did get around to posting a comment for Day 6.
    I tend to stick to the ESV, though I’m reading the New King James Version as I read through the Bible this year. This will be the second time; last time was 2016, the year Abigail was stillborn, in August. Providential, I’d say, that I would be more in his word than ever the year we lost our child.

  49. Michael says:

    I’m going to read or listen, my Bible is an ESV, which is pretty close, so I’ll be able to either follow along and compare, or just read along with Vince

  50. Bob says:

    I have a bible to read and have read parts of it in the past. Looking forward to getting deeper into it.

  51. Derek Blumberg says:

    Our church recommends several strong reading plans. The key is me going to His Word daily. I need to be responsible for my daily God connection. He won’t do it for me. In the past I dabbled and it was like I was doing nothing. I know now, I need His Word daily. He is my strength. My cup. My fortress. Through His Word I am transformed and on His ascending path! Thank you Lord!

  52. James O'Brien says:

    I have my bible ready and also may just listen as I am excited to hear your interruption of the Word.

  53. Rob says:

    I’m using the Bible app, maybe even on the way to work as life just got crazy with a new puppy.

    Unrelated: I told God on the way to work: ‘I’m going to wait until I get to work to pray because I can’t fully devote my attention to You while driving’

    God answered, ‘Why not?’…

    So I prayed in the car. I just thought that was neat

  54. Stephen says:

    Ok……kinda wish we knew in advance….seems like an off day…..still going to pray though, as usual.
    A bit disappointed.

  55. Colin says:

    I’ll be listening to Vince’s recorded reading while taking notes. Super excited to start “scaling up” this challenge.

  56. Massimo says:

    Guys, I’m committing to reading the entire Bible again in a year. Remember to not just read, but study and meditate and pray through what you are reading. Ask God for understanding of the text and to gain wisdom from it.

  57. Steve B says:

    I’m so getting God and it took along time but, I love reading the Bible. So gray to these men.

  58. Brad says:

    I will either use my Bible or listen to Vince on my way into work each day. Hope you guys are doing great.

  59. Pete says:

    Morning guys. I will be listen and reading. Have a wonderful day. Please add Al Katzenmaier to your prayers as he is in the fight of his life at the Mayo to battle cancer.

  60. Tony Vornberger says:

    I have a hard copy I use plus I’m learning to use a bible app. on my phone and tablet for convenience of looking up verses and cross referencing quickly.

  61. Lewis says:

    Thank you for challenging us men, I am using a Nasv, but I will thoroughly enjoy listening to you.
    Blessings to you.
    Lewis from Canada.

  62. John Harding says:

    This may not be appropriate for this page, but a close friends son, Matthew, who is scheduled for intake at Teen Challenge this Friday, was hospitalized last night because of having severe suicidal thoughts. We believe the enemy is trying to disrupt what God has planned for this young man and are praying against the enemies schemes.

  63. Bryan says:

    I’ll be using the Bible app. It allows me to track my reading everyday. Reading God’s Word everyday is one of the most uplifting things we can do. I pray that each of us will make it a daily habit. Pray for each other, that we take the time to do so.

  64. Jacob says:

    I will read from my own bible, as this will challenge me to pick up my Bible, open it and actually start reading it.

  65. Scott says:

    I’m reading through the Bible in a year with the Youversion app. I prefer the CSB or the ESV. The NIV is good as well. Those are my preferences.

  66. Brian says:

    I think I will use multiple methods. I have an NIV in print an on my device and may choose to listen. I’m ready.

    • Brian says:

      I think I will use multiple methods. I have an NIV in print an on my device and may choose to listen. I’m ready.

  67. John Harding says:

    I’ll be continuing to read my You Version daily reading, and will also be reading the content from this page.

  68. Steve Roarke says:

    I am going to switch it up, I am gonna read from the Bible, then from my device and listen to Vince.
    I prayed for our leaders around the world.

  69. Chad says:

    I’m ready. Might use a combination of all 3: reading my Bible, reading from a Bible app and listening. Looking forward to it!

    • John says:

      I am going to try to go hands-free and keep walking and praying in the spirit as I listen to Vince read it. I love how we all have different methods lol.

  70. Eric says:

    Just a suggestion guys – Since many parts of the Bible are very hard to read due to the pronunciation of the names and places I have taken a two prong approach that I would like to suggest. Read the portions of the Bible that you are comfortable with but when you get to more difficult chapters and books use the audio bible application with the audio function. This will help you stay focused on the WORD instead of getting frustrated with trying to pronounce the difficult text. I founds that this REALLY helps me pay attention when the reading gets too difficult.

  71. Bill says:

    I am going to use my electronic devices for the Bible reading. I also prefer NKJV but will reference back to the NIV if I am having a hard time making the connection.
    Praise, ask, confession, thanksgiving.

  72. Michael says:

    I’m looking forward to reading scripture. This is an area of my spiritual life that I’ve wanted to really improve on.

  73. Dave Parkhurst says:

    Looking forward to our study time together. Let’s remember in our PACT to Ask for safety for our men and women serving in in harm’s way in Iraq. I have a grandson there and am sure many of you have family and friends serving as well.

  74. David says:

    I have a couple various scriptures that I read each day. Looking forward to add listening to my options.

  75. Addison says:

    Had my prayer time this morning looking at the snow covered trees outside. God, you are amazing!

  76. Eddie says:

    I have multiple bibles, with different translations, that I have acquired/been gifted over the years, but I personally prefer to listen to the bible being read to me as I seem to always be too busy to actually read it myself outside of following along with the sermon on Sundays. This is the main reason I love the YouVersion Bible app, it reads the Scriptures to me and the daily plans help me to hear all of the bible over different time tables.

  77. Denny says:

    So glad to hear you use the NIV. That’s the version I use. Many of my friends prefer the ESV which is also good.

  78. Mark Lundquist says:

    Well since there is not a real response I need to give I will simply thank you all for this time together. I have been enjoying my time in the mornings and look forward to more time with you and with my Lord!

  79. cory doden says:

    I’ve been using the YouVersion ap on my phone for years so that’s what I’m going to use. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  80. Dave Benson says:

    One thing I have been praying about this week is coming closer to God and I know being diligent about being in His Word is key along with more time in balanced prayer. Vince reminds us to be positive about this day so I am going to ask the Lord to prepare my heart for tomorrow. It’s been amazing to realize we have all been praying together and I’m excited to think we’ll be reading the same thing in the Word together everyday and how we can encourage each other with it!
    All In!

  81. Kenneth McClatchey says:

    I’m guessing we will start reading John’s Gospel tomorrow. Let’s relive Christ’s time with us. Amen

  82. Eric says:

    So I have a paper back. Since we will find out what book we are reading tomorrow, i started in one book. I hope Vince doesnt pick a book from the apocrypha. They are not in my bible. 😉

  83. Dean W says:

    I continue to be excited about this challenge. Looking forward to hearing what God has to share with us. Praying out loud is working well for me. I stay focused.

  84. Squirrel says:

    Oh no he didn’t…leaving us the edge of our seats as to what book of the Bible we’ll read…lol

  85. Dean W says:

    I continue to be excited about this challenge. Looking forward to hearing what God has to share with us. Praying out loud is working well for me. I stay focused

  86. Jacob says:

    My method of choice is an ESV study Bible (paper copy). I love to write in my Bible, so a paper copy is needed.

  87. Ben says:

    I feel the need to be accountable to the group even when Vince didn’t say to comment. Bible is ready for tomorrow’s time!

  88. Phil says:

    I’m in, and prayer is in me as well. When the squirrels run through my head I Also journal my prayers and thoughts for that day. Speaking out loud is helpful as well. My bible is ready.

  89. Ron says:

    I am planning to use multiple methods. I will read the book you’ve chosen using the Bible App on my phone as well as listen to you read it each day.

  90. Bryan says:

    I like reading the Bible in paper form, although the phone apps with different translations are nice as well. I’m currently trying to read through the Bible in a year (using Read Scripture app). Looking forward to studying a book together!

  91. Russ says:

    Looking forward to the next assignment. I have an app on my phone that allows me to read any bible translation. I love reading the Bible.

  92. Jacques Vd Merwe says:

    I’m ready.
    I began reading the bible a few weeks ago and I am at the book of 1 Samuel now. There are a few things that bothered me when reading certain instructions from God that some cities should be destroyed with all living in it, even women and children as he instructed king Saul. It was violent times then.

  93. Stephen says:

    Ok I have a Bible that I read almost daily. Plus I am definitely working on continuing the habit of praying daily.

  94. John says:

    I think it would have been nice in the video for you to tell people what to comment below… For Example what method they’re choosing to use.

    I personally am most excited about listening to you read and experiencing a no-hands version.

    PS…Loved your breakdown of the Bible. Makes me hungry for more!

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