Death Was Arrested

And they all left him and fled.—Mark 14:50

This short verse chronicles an interesting moment in history. It's the moment that man fled one of the great moments in all of history. It's the moment God was arrested. Yet in an act of cowardice, all of Jesus's closest companions fled. While this occurrence was full of fear and hatred, little did the religious officials, political powers, and companions of Christ know that this was divine destiny and the path through death to life for all mankind. We always seem to flee from death. But there was no escape. It was the path to life, Christ didn't run from it and neither should we.

DO THIS: Don't run from life, even if it requires you to die to something today.

HEAR THIS: Seth Condrey: Death Was Arrested

PRAY THIS: God, show me today one thing you want me to die to. And help me run to life eternal.


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