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For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure has come. — 2 Timothy 4:6

The meaning behind this text is relatively simple. Paul knows his time of ministry is done. Given this, he describes his life as one that is being "poured out like a drink offering." And this metaphor could have several references. He could be pointing to the "drink offering" of Jesus's blood poured out on the cross. And of course, still today, we remember this "drink offering" each time we celebrate the Lord's Supper. But even more, I think this "drink offering" is Paul embracing the certainty of his imminent death. He lets Timothy know that his life is about to spill out to the ground and, therefore, would not be put back into the cup. Please keep in mind, Paul did escape death many times before, including shipwreck and stoning, and some might have concluded this would be just another close call for him. But Paul knew differently and wanted Timothy to be prepared. His life was about to be poured out for the last time.

While it's a morbid thought, we all should face this reality. Death for us all will be "poured out like a drink offering." Sometimes we will see this moment coming, as Paul did here. And sometimes we will not. But the best question we could ask is not when will it come? Or how will it come? But are we ready for it to come? Are you ready to move from the land of the dying into the land of the living? If not, I would take the time right now to ready your soul for eternity because one out-of-one still dies. And it's at this moment you want to be prepared to meet the Lord, Creator, and King of all things.

Paul was ready. He wanted Timothy to be ready. But are you ready? If not, turn and give your life to Lord, Creator, and King. Die to yourself and live all in for Him who lived all in for you.

ASK THIS: Are you ready to meet the Lord, Creator, and King?

DO THIS: Give your life to the Lord today. (If you are making this commitment today, for the first time or again, share it in the comments below.)

PRAY THIS: God, I want to make you the Lord of my life. I turn from my sin and living life my way. I want to live all in for you. May I spend the rest of my time here, living only for you. Remove my sin and shame from me and let me know your righteousness. Wash me clean and make me your righteousness. In Jesus's name. Amen.

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16 thoughts on “Departing Soon

  1. orfeo quipux says:

    Hola a todos, es mi primera visita a este sitio web y, de hecho, este escrito es fructífero para mí, sigan publicando artículos o reseñas de este tipo.

  2. ranking universidades tecnicas europa says:

    Me encanta cuando la gente se junta y comparte opiniones. Gran sitio web, ¡quédate con él!

  3. Tom MacLeod says:

    I am ready. Made that step in 1975. Though I stumble and fall like Peter sinking in the water I know He is faithful to reach down and lift me up

  4. Jose Barrientos says:

    I really enjoy the video aspect of the Daily Devo. Thanks for bringing it to another level.

  5. Sam says:

    Lord I know I fall so short and I falter repeatedly but pleas God love me and don’t let me die this way and please forgive me for all my sin and shortcomings.

  6. Gary Vosen says:

    I give my life to you again, Lord Jesus. May your will be my will. May my thoughts, words and actions glorify you, each and every day.

  7. Lynn says:

    Lord Jesus I give my life to you again today, living to serve you. I was baptized as a baby but I gave my life fully to Christ when I chose to be baptized 9 years ago.

  8. Eddie Ackerman says:

    the first time I gave my life to the Lord was almost 20 years ago, and the first time I rededicated my life to the Lord was about 6 years ago, then I got baptized 5 years ago. I do my best to live all in daily now, making my life a living sacrifice to God daily. I do still stumble and sin, but THAT is not daily anymore, that is more the exception than the rule of my life now, thanks to the grace of God.

  9. Andy Harris says:

    I did again today. First time little of a year ago and i got Baptist last August as well.
    I just wanted to say Thank You Vince for Daily Devo.

  10. Jeffrey Botuik says:

    I gave my life to God yesterday- I will again today and everyday until I come face to face with him. God is good! God bless everyone!