Dependent not Independence


Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation—1 Peter 2:2

We men love independence. It's a founding aspect of our country. It's what our human nature craves. It's what we as men are instructed to be. Yet, it's in independence that sin is born. And God knows this path is not the best aspiration for our design. In fact, what we need to crave is quite the opposite—dependence. Dependence on God clinging to every drop of his Word. Like milk, God's Word gives us the nutrients that lead to life, that grow us up in the one thing we all want—salvation from this world and rebirth as true men.

ASK THIS: Are you craving the right things?

DO THIS: Ask God to satisfy your cravings.

PRAY THIS: God, may my desires crave more of you and dependence on you so that I will become the man you have designed me to be.

PLAY THIS: Hillsong: Man of Sorrows.


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