Dissatisfied With Church

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”—Matthew 5:6

In our world, we deal with persistent feelings of dissatisfaction. You're even being trained to be dissatisfied. Marketing specialists and media professionals know how to draw on your disappointments to get the best of what they want from you. This is also true of the favorite news channel that you watch down to the social media posts that you read. They're masters of persuasion encouraging you to read, buy, and listen, preying on human fear and greed in hopes that the dissatisfaction they build will lead to you to buy into their messages, products, and services. And the issue—this mentors, disciples, and trains you to be dissatisfied.

And then you bring this trained dissatisfaction into your church. This is not to infer you should never challenge untruth, but to live in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction regarding Christ's church only leads to bitterness and frustration. Remember the church is not all about you (or your pastor's) preferences, approach, style, and ministry needs. It is all about one thing—Christ. In him, there is complete satisfaction. He alone is the reason you come. And yes, the church is full of broken, hypocritical, sinful, selfish, unsatisfied people—but you are one of those people. But Christ was none of this, and he alone is the reason we come—to be satisfied in Him.

DO THIS: Be satisfied in Christ.

PRAYER: God, I confess my sin, bitterness, and frustration. May I be satisfied in you.


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