Do The Minimum

"And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles." Matthew 5:41

It's funny but Amazon delivered a package to my home yesterday, and they tossed it from the vehicle to our grass just inches beyond the curb. The front door of our home is about 25 yards from the curb, but I guess the walk was just too much to bear. In my agitation, I reflected on all the times I have done the bare minimum. Maybe I was too busy. Maybe I knew no one was looking. Maybe I was lazy. But honestly who cares about my sad and pathetic excuses. The command Jesus offers above is not one of minimum but max effort. He even doubles down on it - "two miles" which is an additional mile out of the way. It requires considerable backtracking, or double the energy and time. So the question is are a follower of minimum effort or do you live to the max.

DO THIS: Do the max today in spite of the cost.

PRAYER: God, I often bring my least and minimum effort to things that could make an eternal difference in my life and the life of others. Give me an opportunity today to live to the max, and may I not hold back.


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