Don't Make Big Of Me


And from those who seemed to be influential (what they were makes no difference to me; God shows no partiality)—those, I say, who seemed influential added nothing to me. Galatians 2:6

I love this little parenthetical statement by Paul. He makes a great point here. And we could easily read past it. But I want you to pause and notice the repetition of the phrase "seemed influential." Because this point will play a critical role in debunking the issues that are happening in the Galatian churches. And I think it should play a crucial role in the leadership of the church today because we ascribe way too much value to the brand, style, and leadership in the church. We make big of the wrong things, and because we do this, we invite distraction away from the thing that is a huge deal.

So when I show up to speak somewhere, which is a lot now that the pandemic is over, sometimes men will make a big deal of me. Therefore when I get up to speak, one of the first things I do is invite the men from the audience to come to get to know me after I talk. I invite them to introduce themselves to me. Because I know this simple invitation will break down that "big deal" that they are prone to make of me in their minds. And I do this for two reasons.

First, it's my way to tell them that I am not that big of a deal. Because I am not that big of a deal. I am not that cool. I am not that gifted. I am not that smart. And I am not that perfect. I am a guy just like the rest of the men in any room. I tell Dad jokes that are legendary in my mind, which I laugh at harder than others do. Sometimes I say sarcastic things to my wife and kids, which I regret later. And have divergent thoughts that I would be embarrassed about if they were played back on a screen for the world to see. So when I get up to speak, I want guys to know I am that big of a deal.

Second, I do this because if they think I am a big deal, their thoughts about me will detract attention from the One who is a big deal. He's the person I speak about more than any other. He's a man who lived, died, and rose again and was a very big deal. His name is Jesus. He the real big deal.

And over the years, I have discovered that I have to work pretty hard at not making a big deal of myself or letting others make a big deal of me. Because sometimes the temptation to be a big deal is a really big deal. It's tempting when you are a little down, a little defeated, a little lonely, or a little tired to crave the desire to be a big deal. And then someone will come along and make a big deal of you. And it feels good when this happens. Because, let's be honest, you might need a little lift. But the problem is, even a little of this is very addicting. It's like a drug. It's the worse drug. It's a drug you feed yourself with yourself, and you have access to it in unlimited quantities because you've got access to it all the time — it's more of you.

So today, fellas, practice making a big deal of the right person. But remember, we are not beating ourselves down to make a big deal of him. We are just giving more attention to the one who is a big deal.

ASK THIS: How do you need to make a big deal of the one who is a big deal today?

DO THIS: Give a shout-out to him today!

PRAY THIS: God, thanks for being a big deal. I am thankful for you.

PLAY THIS: Audio Adrenaline - Never Gonna Be As Big As Jesus.


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24 thoughts on “Don’t Make Big Of Me

  1. Nick Alexanders says:

    Love your daily sharing of words from our Father. So uplifting. Please come to Canada and Kelowna BC and share words God puts on your heart

  2. CJB says:

    As someone who has been blessed to spend some quality time with Vince, I can attest that he is not that big of a deal. 😉😂
    And I mean that in the very best way. I immediately gravitated to Vince because he is very talented at what he does, but he is also a man just like the rest of us. He has flaws like the rest of us. But he holds himself to a very high standard. Something I aspire to do every day. Thanks for leading not just with words Vince, but also leading by example. You’re the real deal!!! I appreciate you brother!

  3. Chad Husted says:

    Great message! And the song to go with it is perfect. I recommend reading Mark Stuart’s book Losing My Voice to Find It. He was the Audio Adrenaline lead singer and his story is amazing.

  4. Andy says:

    He is the King and I’m not! I Still need the reminder. I was told a long time ago, “If you don’t pursue humility you won’t even get close.” I need to stay in the pursuit, Jesus is the big deal!

  5. David Steinquist says:

    Thanks, Vince. This is something that can grab us all and grabs me far too often. i heard a friend say once “It’s not all about me.” and “I get to….”, meaning i am blessed to put the focus on Jesus and point people to Him. in the process we can invest in others and they then feel the importance of a relationship with the one who is most important. Keep up the good fight

  6. Tom Fredericks Sr. says:

    Thanks Vince. Your genuine, Christlike humility is why I love you and your ministry, and why I believe in, and want to support your good works.

    “But He gives more Grace! Therefore it says, God OPPOSES the proud, but gives Grace to the humble.” James 4:6

    Jesus IS the Influential One!

    “Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcised nor uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave nor free, but Christ is all and in all.”
    ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:11‬

  7. Sheldon says:

    Just by letting the world know that all that I am It is totally because of God’s grace . Thanks again for your honesty.

  8. John says:

    James 4:14. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.
    So true, so powerful.

  9. Pat Watson says:

    Ok you are not a Big deal. Ha ha Love ya man. Good remainder why we are here.

  10. Eric says:

    Amen to this one Vince – So easy to “think” we’re the big deal when in fact we are just the warmup band. Loved your comment about wayward thoughts being on the big screen for everyone to see. If that doesn’t drive home the point nothing will. Enjoy starting my day listening to your devotions. Thank you

  11. Rich says:

    Thanks Vince – pride is so insidious. You are right that the attention can addicting, and takes the focus from Jesus. Follow Paul’s words and attitude!

  12. Cory D says:

    Great reminder Vince. I need to keep the main thing, the main thing. And it ain’t me. Love the song too!

    • Darin Palmer says:

      A great reminder for all of us! We are not a big deal in what we do or act, what we sell to others in some cases! Grateful for the grace our Heavenly Father gives me and my brothers each and every day!

  13. Walter says:

    Thank you God for your grace and mercy! Neither is deserved and yet you are always faithful with both!

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