Dust It Off

"And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town.”—Matthew 10:14

At some point, our efforts should come to an abrupt end. Jesus teaches his mentees that there will be seasons of hard work, but there's also an end to your efforts. It's at that point when you have given it a full, complete, and total effort and the effort comes back fruitless. This effort includes trying multiple approaches, strategies, and methods yet yielding no response or perhaps even resistance. It's at this point you will face a crossroads, that comes with a tough decision—"washing your hands" of the situation. But leaving the situation in "the dust" does not mean God will is thwarted. He may use the void or even others to teach, and you just might be getting in the way of the next truth they are destined to learn. So if today you have tried and given it a full effort and subsequently need to "shake off the dust from your feet" do this is not in protest but as a peaceful departure from a situation that leaves the results up to God who may have another follow up where you left off.

DO THIS: Dust it off, but don't protest.

PRAYER: God, my prayers go up for both the bitterness in my heart and the resistance of the people I love. Bring them and me back to your heart.


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