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And you killed the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead. To this we are witnesses. — Acts 3:15

To understand this text, we need a little context.

The person speaking here is a man named Peter. Peter was one of Jesus's closest disciples. He made this statement shortly after Jesus ascended to heaven. In this situation, Peter and John are making their way back to the Temple for prayer and on the way, as they pass through an entrance, they encounter a well-known lame beggar. Everyone knew this lame man, and as usual, he sat there daily begging because he was unable to work. So Peter, instead of giving him a customary financial gift, offers him another gift. The gift of healing to his disfunction legs. And this man has never walked. He was born lame. Miraculously this man is instantaneously healed, and he leaps from the ground. And all the people on the temple grounds, primarily devout religious Jews, are ecstatic at what happened. The crowd erupts in celebration. But Peter is a little dumbfounded at their response. We might even say he is a little hacked off that they are celebrating, mainly because these same religious people who were cheering this event were the same ones who just called for the sentencing and killing of an innocent man — Jesus. You see, Peter understands something that the religious people didn't understand. That it was Jesus who healed the lame man, it was the power of Christ that gave life and strength to his legs. But they failed to make this connection. So essentially, Peter is a little snappy with them. But he hopes that now they will see through the lens of Easter, the resurrection, that Jesus is the way, truth, and life just as he said.

This week, we will reference a few reasons that Easter is important. I believe we see one right here.

Easter, the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, is the event through which humanity makes sense of everything. It is the most important event of all time. Through this single event, we gain clarity about God, about man, and God's love for all humanity. This event is the culmination of the story of God. Without it, man would be in a state of perpetual confusion. Without Easter, there is no reason. In fact, Easter is reason. It's how God reasoned our salvation. It's not just the reason. It is reason itself.

Just consider how confused God's people were in this text. They were desperately confused. And by the way, the people Peter is speaking to in this text weren't just any people. They were some of the most devout followers of God at that time. They came to worship God at his Temple and yet completely misunderstood God. Not only did they misunderstand him, but they killed his Son. In their blatant misunderstanding about God, they murdered him. And yet get this — Jesus allowed this to happen. He died for them. Jesus died for confused humanity becuase he knew they could not make sense of him without Easter. Without an event that had not happened yet. And so, the event of Easter is now the evidence that Peter presents to them on the Temple grounds. While Peter is a little irritated, he also knows that maybe now they'll make the connection. The connection of the miracle of the lame man to the miracle of the Son of Man. Do you see the connection? That it was the same God and same power who raised both men.

So fellas, this week, there are people who will be confused about Easter Sunday. They won't get it. Be patient with them. Be patient with them as God was with you. God wants all people to understand. And he knows that there are people you want to understand too. While they may be confused, pray God will illuminate their minds because fellas Jesus lives. He is alive and well, and he will make his power known.

ASK THIS: What do you know that is confused at present about Jesus?

DO THIS: Pray that God will give them the understanding to see the importance of Easter.

PRAY THIS: Father, show <insert name> that you live and that you are their hope for eternal salvation.

PLAY THIS: Same Power.


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12 thoughts on “Why Is Easter Important? | Easter Is Reason

  1. Kyle says:

    I have been praying for my mom and dad, Tim & Debra, for years that they will come back to faith in Jesus. They think Jesus was just a guy and are very caught up in New Age. Please pray that the Lord will lead them back to a relationship with Him. By the way, great devotional Vince!

  2. Dennis says:

    Father God,
    My wife prays everyday for years that her sons, Richie and John accept your Son and surrender their lives to Him. I support my wife in this Lord and stand beside her with this request. Please Lord grant this, reveal Yourself to Richie and John in a mighty way this Easter. In Jesus name amen

  3. Keith says:

    Thank you Vince. Never looked at it like this before. Not speaking here of the resurrection of course but the people in the temple, their mentality, as you mentioned they worshiped the most hight God but called for His son to be crucified. Still to this day their mentality is the same. Pray for them. 🙏 Keep rocking with the word Vince 🙌🙌🙌✌️

  4. David L. Trima says:

    my wife and I sometimes have a discussion as to what is the most significant event in our Christian life. She says Christmas, I say Easter. She says without Christmas there’d be no Easter. I say without Easter, Christmas would just be another miracle birth. Don’t get me wrong, with both of us being long standing Christians that both are important. I tell her maybe it’s a woman and baby thing. LOL

  5. Jack Dellinger says:

    Father, don’t let me one that adds to confusion about Easter. Let my life be a testimony of belief in the power of a risen Jesus. Let me be patient with those who are good at doing church but have no relationship with the risen Jesus. Help me remember that obedience (to Jesus) is the key that unlocks the miraculous.

  6. CJB says:

    Personally, I don’t know why there is so much hate, animosity and war. All I do know is that it happens for a reason and His thoughts and His ways are so much greater than mine and I do my best to not question Him.

    • Trent says:

      Isaiah 55:8. Memory verse. Highlighted. One of my coping verses for not being able to understand certain circumstances. That is a good one for sure. I pray God gives you peace and confidence in His word.

      • CJB says:

        Thanks brother. One of my favorite verses when not understanding people or this world. I should probably work more on memorizing vs paraphrasing. 🙏😊

        • Trent says:

          Well, there are some scriptures that sort of lead one to believe that memorizing may be something we are instructed to do. And I enjoy trying, however when I try to add a new, it seems to have to kick out an old to make room lol. I had a mechanics teacher that said, “I am not so worried about you knowing the actual information, as I am about you knowing where to go find it.” You knew what the verse was saying and how to apply it. Given a few minutes and possibly google, you could likely find it. I say you are doin alright. But if ya feel like memorizing…. it is challenging and rewarding 🙂