"But he was angry and refused to go in. His father came out and entreated him" —Luke 15:28

Do you see the "refusal" in the older brother's actions? He is wounded. But his wounds were not fresh; they were years in the making. Brewing bitterness from years of self-righteousness, jealousy, and even contempt for his brother and even more for his father. At this point, in one of the world most famous stories, we discover a man whose anger is now evident by all—while for years it was unseen. And while there are many lessons we can learn from his anger and bitterness, there is one thing we must note; this does not keep him from his father's love. The Father's love. In spite of the bitterness, anger, and refusal of his little temper-tantrum, God "entreats him." Aren't you glad you have a father like this?

DO THIS: Stop being embittered; let go of your anger.

PRAYER: God, the injustices I feel and experience are nothing compared to your love. I want and need you to love me today through my anger and bitterness.


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