Escape The Noise

Now when Jesus saw a crowd around him, he gave orders to go over to the other side. Matthew 8:18

There's so much noise in our life. And this noise comes in many different forms. It could be a crying child. An appliance that failed. Yardwork that needs to get done. A difficulty in marriage. A boss that's not happy. Just listen, there's noise, distraction, and chaos all around us. And how does Jesus respond? He orders his men to go somewhere else; to the other side of the lake. Yes, an order. A command. A requirement. A non-negotiable. "Get out of here!" Well, maybe not that strong, however still authoritative.

Maybe today you need to heed this call and obey it. "Go to the other side." Somewhere else where the noise softens and ceases. A place you can focus your heart, mind, soul, and strength back on him. The voices, demands, and calling of this world don't just go away; we have to run from them. They are latent sounds that mute the voice of God and require effort to remove.

DO THIS TODAY: Get clarity in your relationship by escaping the noise and listening to Jesus.

PRAYER: God, the noise is too much. Even as I reflect on it, the sounds of the world are loud and clear, but your voice is not. Help me today to hear your voice with greater clarity as I attempt to escape the noise of the world.


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