The Eternal Security You Need

All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out. — John 6:37

Yesterday we looked at the first part of this verse. Today we are going to address the latter part of this verse. It reads, "And whoever comes to me I will never cast out."

This text touches on another long-standing debate. The debate is regarding a believer's eternal security. People on one side of this debate suggest that if you are once saved, you will always be saved. People on the other side of this debate suggest that once you are saved, you are responsible for maintaining that salvation by works. If not, you are in danger of losing your salvation. People on the first side of this debate are often called Calvinists. They are believers who side with the theological positions of John Calvin. People on the other side of the debate are often called Arminianists. These are believers who side with the theological positions of Jacob Arminius. And for a quick history lesson, this debate began in the early 17th century with a dispute between the followers of those two men. And it has continued even today. While this is an important debate, let's look at what Jesus is saying in the context.

What does Jesus mean in this context by, "and whoever comes to me I will never cast out"?

Jesus, in context, is speaking to a small group of the 5000. Remember, he fed them. Then they chased Jesus down. Then they demanded more food from him by work of a miracle. Then Jesus counters with a better type of food, offering permanent satisfaction. He is trying to explain that they don't need more food because that will never satisfy their hunger. What they need is a different food that will continually satisfy them. But as we have discussed, they don't get it. They still want another miracle even though Jesus is trying to offer them something better. What we learn is that they believe in the miracle, but they don't believe in Jesus.

But be confident of this. Jesus knows who believes and who does not believe. Just skip ahead and read John 6:64. He knows that Judas will betray him and that, at present, Judas does not believe. Now the disciples don't know this. But Jesus does. This is because only Jesus can differentiate genuine belief from disingenuous belief. But that's his job to know, not ours. Our work, and our only work, is to believe by faith and continue in this belief. We are to believe that his work saved us and that it will permanently save us. As he states here, those who believe in him will never be cast out. And yes, along the way, we will have moments of doubt. We will have shortcomings. But his work secures our eternal salvation despite all sins, past, present, and future. Our work is to believe that he can save us regardless of the weight and expanse of our sin.

So if you believe in Jesus, you can be spiritually confident in him and his promises. Salvation has nothing to do with the compounded effect of your good work or your bad work. It is only secured by the good work of Jesus and your ongoing belief in him. In the words of Jesus to Thomas — "stop doubting and believe."

ASK THIS: Do you have doubts about your salvation?

DO THIS: Stop doubting and believe.

PRAY THIS: God, I walk away from doubt, and I believe.

PLAY THIS: East To West.

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12 thoughts on “The Eternal Security You Need

  1. Tim S. says:

    Father God I walk away from doubt, and I believe in You lord. Thank you vince its is where I have been stuck for a long time. Not really sure if I am really saved I just don’t want to be wrong I want to get it right. thank you I ask for pray that God will settle this one and for All in my heart and mind

    • Vince Miller says:

      Be assured! If you have accepted his grace and call him Lord, he is your Savior.

  2. Tom says:

    I’m gonna have to soak on this a bit more but on the surface it is by far the best explanation of “once saved always saved” and the ongoing debate. My response when I get drug into that debate is, “I’m gonna live each day as IF my salvation depends on my actions each day”. No nasty replies please, I know it doesn’t but it’s the way I’m gonna live my life.

  3. Ron Moore says:

    Thank you, Vince, for spending the time to do this.
    And…… Jesus provided us the best “satisfaction” we could ever receive. We are Blessed.

  4. Mac says:

    What a blessing your Devos are. I’m on my way to Kenya for mission trip. And sitting in the Paris airport on a layover. Thank you

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