An Extraordinary Leader

"With upright heart he shepherded them
and guided them with his skillful hand." Psalm 78:72

Today you will be disappointed with someone who claims to be a leader. Regardless of who this is, what they lead, and why they have disappointed you, it begs the question - are there any extraordinary leaders out there? The Psalmist above believed there was at least one in his day - King David. One whose heart aimed to be "upright" while his flesh favored self-indulgence. One who "shepherded" people as a steward and saw each as God's creation. One who was "skillful" in leading which was developed intentionally over a lifetime. While these types of leaders are hard to find they do exist, and you can be one.

DO THIS: Lead like David today - Upright. Shepherd. Skillful.

PRAYER: God, lead through me today and let me be the leader others want to follow.


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