Facing The Challenge

But Paul said, “I am not out of my mind, most excellent Festus, but I am speaking true and rational words."—Acts 26:25

This chapter of Acts is full of scaling tension as Paul prepares his defense before Caesar. But this verse especially catches my attention. Notice Paul's firm stance for his position while being questioned about his sanity—"I am not out of my mind." Notice Paul's respect for executive authority in a volatile moment—"most excellent Festus." Notice how he remains true to biblical truth and logic—"speaking true and rational words." This is an extraordinary moment for Paul that we tend to read past without consideration. Perhaps one of his finest encounters with a challenge. When the moment comes, will you be the same man? Firm. Respectful. Truthful.

DO THIS: Find a way to disagree respectfully.

PRAYER: God, as challenges come, I don't always handle them well. Help me today to do better yet be firm, respectful, and truth without damaging the relationships that you have given me or doing harm to my witness of you.


Short. Sweet. To the Point.

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