Do You Have Faith In His Security?

Jesus answered, “I told you that I am he. So, if you seek me, let these men go.” This was to fulfill the word that he had spoken: “Of those whom you gave me I have lost not one.” — John 18:8-9

It would be easy to skip over this parenthetical statement by John. But John, our author, wants us to see something special here. Note that in the same breath, Jesus declares he is the "ego eimi," he also states, "let these men go."

And I don't think John hears either of these declarations as a request by Jesus. They are a command. Jesus commands this moment, evidenced by how they draw back and fall to the ground. And even though the arresting inquisition might have felt in control, there is only one controlling this moment. Jesus, The Great I Am, determined by his command that these men would "let these men go." This included John.

John included this parenthetical statement because he experienced the tangible security of trust in the Lord. This moment was even more evidence that Jesus was a man of his word. This man of his word, who was the Word, fulfilled every promise in God's Word. In this, John experienced firsthand the physical and eternal security of Jesus in what was a very volatile, vicious, and vindictive moment.

So how about you? Will you trust Jesus like John?

Today, if you are on the edge of a volatile, vicious, and vindictive moment that could endanger your family, fame, finances, or future, how far will you trust in the promises of Jesus? Here is one promise Jesus gave us in John 10:28:

I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.

Jesus is Lord. When we make this declaration, it means something. It means he commands all things, even in volatile moments when it looks like someone else is in command. But this is merely an illusion. An illusion that attempts to veil the truth. The illusion is designed to make you feel insecure and project this insecurity onto the Lord. But this illusion is not reality. Jesus is Lord. Your security is secured. Jesus is the commander and our defender. He saves and rescues. No situation surprises or outmaneuvers him. He will intervene. But the question always is, will you trust in him and in his promises long enough to see the victory in the volatile, vicious, and vindictive moments?

If you do, the deception will disappear, assurances will become apparent, your faith will fortify, and you will uncover the enduring sense of security that John knows in this moment.


How can you apply Jesus's command to "let these men go" in your life? Are there areas where you need to release control and trust that Jesus is the ultimate authority, even in the most challenging situations?

What volatile situations or challenges are you facing today, and how can you trust in Jesus' promises, especially the assurance of eternal life, to find enduring security and faith in those moments?

DO THIS: Trust in Jesus the Lord, even through the illusion that he is not.

PRAY THIS: Lord, I humbly pray for the strength to trust in Your commands, just as John did, and to find enduring security in Your promises, especially in the most challenging moments of my life. Help me to live out my faith with unwavering trust and confidence in Your sovereign authority.

PLAY THIS: See A Victory.

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6 thoughts on “Do You Have Faith In His Security?

  1. Ruben T. Garcia Sr says:

    Thank you, Lord for the Security, of my Salvation being able to know that I am yours forever. What a blessing to know that I am HIS. AMEN AND AMEN.
    Thank you, Vince for being such an instrument for our LORD.

  2. Marko says:

    Thank you again Brother Vince for an excellent and timely devotion. The Holy Spirit has been impressing upon my wife and I that politicians and even pastors can’t save this country or our lives. Only Jesus can and we must never forget that eternal fact. I am committed to follow Him and his commandments, putting Him first in my life even in the midst of my failings and succumbing to temptation daily. But I also repent of my sins, especially those that put other things before Him in my life and commit to redirect my priorities as soon as I become aware I have fallen away from them and Him. I believe Jesus is my Lord and Savior and am committed to live my life with Him now and for eternity. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  3. Tommy says:

    Brother I’m in this moment now!!! I have full custody of my son as d always have bet here at the age of 12 he won’t speak with her in the phones callas she wanted to abort him and I got down on my knees a begged “NO PLEASE! “ she had already aborted one before knew Me all because he wa an African American bay

  4. Jason says:

    Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. We are facing some very deep and difficult issues at our church, and this was the perfect reminder at the perfect time.

    • Jason says:

      Praying for you and your church family. Honor God, love people! May the Spirit of the Living God guide your heart and your words to be a blessing and a strong peacemaker.

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