Filled With Jealousy or The Spirit


But the high priest rose up, and all who were with him (that is, the party of the Sadducees), and filled with jealousy — Acts 5:17

So how the High Priests' and the Sadducees are feeling is evident to everyone. The writer describes them as "filled with jealousy."

So jealousy is an emotion that we experience when we feel threatened by a third party. It usually stems from perceiving an outsider to be a threat socially. And most of the time, outsiders do not know when a person feels jealous because, at the onset, this is a very private and unseen sentiment. It's something we experience personally but not publically. That is until jealously begins to grow. And as it does, we start to see the attitudes and actions that originate from these private feelings.

In this text, it's pretty obvious that the High Priests and the Sadducees feel jealous. They feel threatened by this growing and uncontrollable movement of believers. Their jealousy is so evident that they describe them as "filled with jealousy." In other words, it's not a little of it. There's a lot of it.

This is evidence that jealousy will grow. A small spirit of jealousy left unaddressed will multiply. It results in us becoming overly focused on our needs and finding devious ways to get them met. And to protect ourselves from our insecurities, we will be compelled to act in controlling ways. Thus, it's jealousy that is driving these religious leaders to oppose the movement of God.

As we enter a time of greater persecution, we should ready ourselves as the church. We should address the jealous spirits we have before we become filled with jealousy. Instead, we as a people should be filled with the Spirit. And as God fills us, we focus not on the opposition but God, and together God will do great deeds.

ASK THIS: What jealous spirit do you need to address?

DO THIS: Ask God to fill this need with His Spirit.

PRAY THIS: God, fill me with your Spirit where I am full of jealousy.

PLAY THIS: Jealousy Jealousy — Christ for the Nations.


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7 thoughts on “Filled With Jealousy or The Spirit

  1. Cory B says:

    When my jealousy and true feelings come out, I think I am harder on myself and tend to get down on myself. I sink into a pity party and wonder why I didn’t get the same break, why didn’t I get the girl, why’s my life so tough?

    Truth of the matter is, I have had plenty of breaks, I did get the girl, my life’s been good. I just never seem to appreciate it in the moment and then I lose it. I pray for more gratitude and less jealousy, bitterness and resentment.

  2. Curt reimer says:

    Good morning Vince,thanks again.i feel Sorry for the Pharisees ,they had been thought stuff all their lives n here comes a guy they knew who was trying to teach em different .we get this all the time,it’s tragic,I feel the hurt n jealousy so often when I’m left out n someone else takes over.

  3. Kevin Allex says:

    I always default to what others have that I don’t, money, material items, better knowledge of the Bible, a better connection with God, etc.
    I need to focus and give thanks to God for what he has blessed me and my family with.

  4. Alex Coon says:

    Jealousy does nothing but get you to chase the wind. It’ll rot your bones and get you to compare others.

    But the only comparison we should be concerned with is our past selves to notice what God has done with us. That’ll better enable us to count our blessings. Other people have different plans tailored for them only, so our paths are unique and exclusive to us. There’s no point in comparing or feeling threatened.

  5. Sheldon says:

    The fact that the wicked of this world seem to prospering while the people of God just seem to be the laughing stock of the world. My prayer is that God would help me stay focus on the fact that this is not the end life there is a reward day coming.

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