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Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.—James 5:14

At some point, we realize that only God can heal. Yet, with the advancement of medicine and technology, we have come to trust more in human ingenuity than a God who heals. While I deeply appreciate the care and devotion of my friends who are physicians, they are merely humans with human solutions manipulating the body, hoping that it will heal. However, God created us, who is the Great Physician—he possesses healing power.

The simplicity of James' teaching is profound. If you are sick, turn to God. But the way we do it is important. The command is to "call for the elders of the church." But how can we call for the elders when we are told to be fearful of going?

Gentlemen, there is a divine and supernatural ministry we need today. The narrative of our time is indoctrinating us with its solutions, security, and salvation. But we must not let these narratives replace divine and supernatural ministry that is only accomplished by being in the presence of one another and through the power of prayer.

ASK THIS: Do you need healing?

DO THIS: Ask a brother, your brothers, and your church to pray for you.

PRAY THIS: God, deafen my ears to the narratives of this time. Open my ears to the convictions and guidance of your word. And then give me the courage to act in obedience when it looks like foolishness to the world.

PLAY THIS: Hillsong: Healer.


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