Here are a few reasons leaders  do not go to the next level. You may have one or two you might like to add as well, but these stand out as key:

  1. Not understanding their current role and the plan for the next. Of course I would question whether this is a leader in the first place but sometimes we get stuck in patterns that lead us and not us leading them. Ignorance about this endless loop is the first sign we will never go to the next level. If you don’t have a plan for the present and the future write it out on one page of paper which would be a great exercise at any stage of the game.
  2. Not obtaining the core competencies and proven track record. Developing competencies is key to personal growth and leadership advancement. Find ways to manage your weaknesses and exploit your strengths. Build on this daily.
  3. Not having a strong understanding yourself which is usually reflected in a poorly written resume. Once a year you should definitely rewrite your résumé. If you only do this during career changes you are completely missing a huge opportunity to articulate who you are. I know corporate executives who do this annually and who are always better for it.
  4. Not taking on stretch assignments. You have to get out of your lane at times to grow. Missing an opportunity to do this can lead to leadership atrophy. Leads who are just present to do a job are not leaders.
  5. Not maintaining high level character. One flaw in the character department is all it will take to subtly undo every dream of being a big time leader. Guard your character with everything you have because your integrity is the only thing you can steal from yourself. Lose this and you will instantly lose advancement opportunity in leadership.