Fix-It Or Save Me


Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid. — Isaiah 12:2

We have all done it. When a situation goes awry, we dig in and lean in and try to alter it and fix it. And we do this because of fear. We are fearful for many reasons. And this fear compels us to act. And yes, godly action is needed. But sometimes, it's wiser to realize that action might be ineffective and make a bigger mess of the present problem.

So today, instead of letting fear motivate you to action, why not instead trust a God who acts on your behalf? Preach these four words to your fear —"In God I trust!" And stop trying to fix the situation. Learn to trust in Him and let him fix the situation. He is the one who saves. He is your salvation. So act like it. Salvation is his job. Savior is his title. Let him do it and stop getting in his way.

ASK THIS: Are you living in fear and trying to fix your situation?

DO THIS: Preach this to yourself — "In God I trust!" (Practice this by writing these four words in the comments below.)

PRAY THIS: God, increase my trust and decrease my fear. You are my Savior and salvation. In you, I trust.

PLAY THIS: I Will Trust.


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53 thoughts on “Fix-It Or Save Me

  1. Doug says:

    In God I trust. I struggle to lose weight, going up and down and find very little peace and happiness in that arena. I need to lose not just for vanity, but for my comfort and health.

  2. Ryan says:

    In God I trust! I’ve been separated from my wife for 110 days now. The more I try to fix it, the more steps backwards we go. The more I let go and let God, the more we grow closer and back together. Lord, please let me humanness and “maleness” be put to the side, and let You do Your work, today and every day.

    • John says:

      Hi Ryan,
      Man you are definitely on the right track. In the past I found what you have said to be genuine. It is hard but once we learn to step back and let God be the master of the situation, we slap ourselves and say “Why didn’t I do this earlier?” If we can control our lives then we don’t need a savior. If we work, god rests. If we rest, God works on our behalf.
      I stand with you and say in prayer that Yahweh through Christ Jesus will show His love to your wife. Shalom my brother.

  3. Jason Taylor says:

    Everytime I see a coin on the ground I take it as a special reminder from God, “In God I Trust”.
    Back a couple years ago my mom gave me a patriotic rubber bracelet that states, “In God We Trust”.
    I don’t even feel it on my wrist anymore but am reminded everytime I look down and see it that I must keep praying for our nation and our leaders because only God is in control and is our only salvation.