Jesus Is The Fullness Of Grace

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. No one has ever seen God; the only God, who is at the Father's side, he has made him known. — John 1:16-18

What John has done in this first chapter is amazing. He is presenting this case for Jesus by borrowing language and thinking from the Jewish faith, from Greek philosophy, and in this text, a word from Gnostic heresy. The word I want you to notice here is the word "fullness." He intentionally uses this word because it was a popular word that gnostics used to refer to the complete nature of a deity. They thought about it this way — a deity had to be a full deity to be considered a deity. This is why they could not make sense of Jesus being a deity because he was clearly human. But John is trying to point out that Jesus was just another manifestation of God revealed to mankind.

If you read back over this first chapter, you'll discover that John has revealed four manifestations of deity, which he calls the Divine Logos. First, the manifestation of the pre-existing Logos. Second, the manifestation of the tabernacled Logos in the Old Testament. Third, the manifestation of the Logos made flesh. Fourth, the manifestation of the eternal Logos that will exist forever.

In my own words, John is saying indirectly to the Gnostics and their beliefs:

"You are searching so hard for the fullness of deity. If you want fullness, look at what God has been revealing down through time. Your mind cannot reason the expanse of his fullness. You cannot define it with human words and human thinking. But God can reveal it and bring his fullness to us so we can know it. And this manifestation was made known in Jesus Christ."

And then John drops the mic and walks out of the room.

No, he doesn't because this makes his ultimate point. These manifestations have now been revealed to man, and they are God's grace upon grace. All we have to do is receive and believe it. So if you have been looking for grace, God has extended to you many times over time. And you can receive it by believing in him.

ASK THIS: Do you need grace today?

DO THIS: You can receive it by accepting Jesus

PRAY THIS: God, I need grace. Give me Jesus.

PLAY THIS: Give Me Jesus.

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Nick Alexanders

Love your Devos.
Would you considered mens retreat in Kelowna BC Cda

Christopher Adkins

Thanks for answering my question from yesterday. God’s grace is the answer and makes perfect sense now


Man do I need Grace in my life!!

David L. Trima

That song often times brings me to tears!!!!!!!!!

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