Gaza: Hezekiah The Reformer

He struck down the Philistines as far as Gaza and its territory, from watchtower to fortified city. — 2 Kings 18:8

Chapter 18 of 2 Kings focuses on the reign of King Hezekiah of Judah. He was sandwiched between two wicked kings: his father, King Ahaz, and his son, King Manasseh. Manasseh would turn out to be the wickedest king ever to reign in Judah. Yet Hezekiah was different from his father and son. He led significant religious reforms. He removed idols that existed for years and encouraged the worship of the one true God of Israel.

The specific mention of Gaza in verse 8 is a brief part of a larger narrative. The capture of Gaza signals Hezekiah's military skill and expertise and the extent of his influence. Gaza was a key Philistine city, and its capture would have weakened the Philistines while strengthening the position of Judah. It suggests that Judah was now a force to be reckoned with under Hezekiah and that the nation was in a time of spiritual and political renewal. Defeating the Philistines up to Gaza was not just a military accomplishment; it also had theological implications, showcasing that the nation followed God, prospered, and expanded its territories.

Life sometimes hands us a legacy or situation we didn't ask for. Maybe it's a family history, workplace culture, or challenges that feel like they're holding us back. Hezekiah found himself in a far more challenging situation. He was sandwiched between two of his nation's worst leaders — a disobedient father and son. He could have easily continued the trend but chose a different path — a path of resistance to evil and reverence to God.

The lesson here is twofold. First, with God, you can break any pattern of generational sin by purging your life of idols, corruption, and every form of wickedness and sin. The legacy you've inherited does not have to dictate the legacy you leave. Second, once you purge your life of evil, you must counter this with ongoing reverence for God. It can't only be a purging but a praising. It's a resisting with a revering. It's an action with a counteraction.

These are the kind of believers and reformers needed today — those who resist evil and revere God.

Pray this for yourself today. And then pray that God would do the same in Israel, Gaza, and beyond. Ask him to raise up leaders who are willing to stand against evil and stand for God.


In what areas of your life do you feel you're facing persistent challenges? How can you apply Hezekiah's principles of resisting evil and revering God to experience victory in these areas?

Can you identify any negative patterns or "idols" that have been passed down in your family, workplace, or community? What actionable steps can you take to break the cycle and set a new standard, just as Hezekiah did?

DO THIS: Pray that God would raise up your leadership and leadership in Israel, Gaza, and beyond.

PRAY THIS: Lord, empower me to break free from any generational strongholds and guide me in resisting evil while revering You. Help me claim victories in my personal enemy territories so that my life becomes a testament to Your transformative grace. Amen.

PLAY THIS: See A Victory.

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3 thoughts on “Gaza: Hezekiah The Reformer

  1. Eddie says:

    We, my wife and I, have opened our house to our 19 year old nephew that is going through rehab and recovering from a concussion AND my mother-in-law, her mom, who is a NOW retired semi truck driver. My nephew is full of excuses and lacks responsibility because he has been enabled his entire life to date. My mother-in-law is cranky and sore from life and in desperate need of knee surgery. These two people, neither of which seems to respect me, or my wife, are my persistent challenge. I choose to resist the evil of the outright angry attitude of my mother-in-law and the lazy, apathetic, angsty attitude from my nephew. I try to adopt the duck dynasty policy and just point ’em to Jesus.

  2. Pete says:

    Great lesson today Vince, thank you. Please pray for me that I’ll be the link that breaks the generational curse in my legacy. I watch the devotional daily and appreciate the wisdom and knowledge you share with us. Keep up the great work of leading!
    A fellow follower.

  3. Hank Kunel says:

    thank you ,thank you brother Vince, your words (his words)today so helpful and inspiring..I think we all have a new meaning of “R&R” ..I will carry this forever more day to day,praise the lord

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