Get "Comfortable" Talking About Your Faith

Stop being scared of talking about your faith in Christ with others by understanding three things that will help you steward, build, and leverage every moment.

Many of us become uncomfortable when we think of talking about our faith with unbelievers. We consider ourselves unqualified or untrained and figure that talking about God should be left to professionals. Of course, that's not true, and the conversation can be as natural as having a conversation about our business, recreation, marriage, or family. Here are some things to keep in mind.


One | Steward Your Sphere.
Consider this; you have a sphere of influence that no one else has on planet earth. It's unique to you, and you may in some cases be the only believer in that circle of influence. Your pastor, or another ministry professional, does not have access to those friendships. But guess what - you do! God dropped you into those relationships for a specific purpose, and central to that purpose is being a representative and witness for Jesus Christ.

In fact, you may be the only witness for Jesus some may ever meet in those circles. And the Spirit lives in you, sealing and empowering you with spiritual influence regardless of where you go. When you think of the potential you have this way, you realize that God has infiltrated every corner of society with followers designed to reach the others in that sphere.

Two | Build Your Credibility.
Peter makes an impressive statement in 1 Peter 2:12. "Keep your conduct among the Gentiles honorable, so that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation." As you live like Jesus, and your character reflects biblical principles, you end up building credibility with outsiders, and this gives power to your witness. So this means your ethics, marriage, conversations, priorities, grace, and mercy all matter. And this does not mean that God requires perfection but instead that credibility gives credence to your witness.

Three | Leverage Your Opportunity.
As believers, we experience all the challenges that other experience. For example, children that rebel, loss of jobs, financial reverses, marriage struggles, physical ailments and problems, and personal pain. Because of your imperfections, you have far more in common with your unbelieving friends than you have in common with Jesus' perfection. One of the reasons Jesus came and lived among us was so that he could experience the same issues we do - knowing this we can safely come to him knowing that he understands. The same is true with your friendships. You have the struggles common to humanity which keeps you connected to humanity. But the one difference you do have from your non-believing friends is that in these moments you can turn to Jesus who provides you the strength to endure those things that are tough to handle. And it's Jesus that others want and need - and herein lies the opportunity.

These common touchpoints give you an opportunity to pray with the hurting, and to show God's love to those in need. And opportunities will present themselves and give way to causal and open conversations about prayer, faith, and God. All we need to do is be real, transparent, and willing to share how God has been good to us.

Vince Miller Founder of ResoluteVince Miller is a speaker, author, and mentor to men. He is an authentic and transparent leader who loves to communicate to audiences on the topics of mentorship, fathering, leadership and manhood. He has authored 13 books and small group curriculum for men and is the primary content creator of all Resolute materials. Contact Vince Miller here. His newest book is Thirty Virtues That Build A Man.