Gift Ideas For Men Under $50

The big question this time of year is often, "What do I get the men in my life?"

Stop with the lame gifts!

While men say they appreciate tools, ties, and the token "shop for yourself because I don't know what to get you gift card," let's be honest - they're lame! We don't really want this stuff.

And yet, someone, every year gets me a gift card to some retail store that I'll never use - (unless it's a Starbucks Gift Card - let's be reasonable).

Here's what happens with these gift cards:

  1. I put it in my wallet and forget about for about 9 months.
  2. My wife sees it, takes it, and thinks it's totally fine to do this!
  3. I attempt to use it only to discover that the store is about 2 hours away and when I arrive I end up to spending way more or much less than what was on the card.

Come on!

Stop giving me these lame gift cards. And no, I don't want the Best Dad Ever tie, give that to my Father-in-law, he really wants it. <insert snicker> And I don't want tools, you won't get the right one anyway and I can get those when I need them - daily. Besides, if I got you a vacuum how'd you like it? Exactly.

So stop getting your man a lame gift. Get him something thoughtful that is inexpensive which communicates something important to him. Get it for the message, not the money. If you need a few suggestions then here is a short list that might get you thinking. Most men will love more than one of these, and they won't break the bank.

Mens Gift Mug Under 50 by Vince Miller Resolute

The Ceramic Mug

It says, "Get your day started and get out of bed you lazy bum."

I love creative mugs. My cabinet is full of them and each is unique. They each communicate something different and I love choosing them from day to day as I start with a great cup of java to get my body going.

The Custom Knife

It says, "Get off the couch and get me some game."

Forged in Fire, my new favorite show, has raised my passion for knives. Get your man something unique by getting him the knife he wants that you really don't want to buy. Will he wear on his side - maybe! But regardless say to him, "be more adventurous, you lazy bum" with a knife that says "get off the couch and get me some game."

Mens Gift Knife Under 50 by Vince Miller Resolute
Men Gift Leather Journal Under 50 by Vince Miller Resolute

The Rustic Leather Journal

It says, "Get transparent and start sharing your feelings. If not with me, then maybe in this journal that I'll read later when you're not looking."

No man can get enough of these. All the greats used them to pour out anxieties, process strategy, and pray to God. Men like John D. Rockefeller (business leader); George Patton (military leader); Ben Franklin (inventor); Ronald Reagan (American President), Winston Churchill (Prime Minister) - and of course the most memorable sexy man, leader, and conquer of all time King David.

The Men's Daily Devotional

It says, "Start a new habit by reading your Bible each day."

Yep, this is mine, but the men of your life need it. Time in the Word will benefit them more than any gift you could ever give. Get them off the spiritual bench and into the game with devotionals that will stir their heart every day. Just leave it on the nightstand, with the mug, knife, and journal and say "lead me today."

Build A Stronger Man by Vince Miller - Front Cover
Mens Gift Beanie Under 50 by Vince Miller Resolute

The Men's Beanie

It says, "Be a man and go outside and shovel the driveway, hey."

Every man needs something to cover that skull. Plus that thinning mullet needs a little insulation! Get your man a great knitted beanie, and not a cheap one. Make sure it's good enough for working and a whimsical evening out.