Living in a world of excess that can often become self-consuming what if not adding, but subtracting, was a key to a better life?


He must increase, but I must decrease. John 3:30


  • Check in with each other.
  • What one thing do you have far too much of right now in your life?
  • Can you imagine a life without this?
  • Can you give this up for one week?
  • What issues do you need to address, and what steps do you need to take out of this time?


Hey fellas.

Welcome to the Resolute Mid-Week Devo.

So as you can probably tell I have escaped to Vail, Colorado this week and I’m spending some time with old friends. So today’s shout out is to Ben, DB, Scott, Buck, Von, Jared, Chris, Rob, and Mark. And once each year I hang out with these guys and for us, this trip is about disconnecting, connecting, and reconnecting to God.

So here is where my thoughts have led me over the last few months. Ready? We live in a world of excess. Shocking revelation, right?! And I believe the world we live in today which is full of excess, marketing, immediacy, media, and materialism which can lead to us looking only to self. But the real issue is not the availability of things, but the real issue is a desire problem. This is because my unrestrained desires can and will over-consume anything and everything. Yes, we consume too much food. Too much entertainment. Too much social media. Too much recreation. And by nature my unrestrained desire to consume eventually consumes me.

Every year my time away teaches me something, and the current theme for me has been learning that more is not always the answer. In fact, I have had to learn many times that too much of anything, even a good thing, can lead to self-absorption. So I want you to consider something with me. What if instead of consuming more, we gave things up? And what if instead of adding to our life, we started subtracting?

Often, I believe we miss the counter-intuitive genius of “losing, cutting, subtracting, and saying no.” John the Baptist interjected a revolutionary idea when Jesus arrived upon the scene. Here is what he said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” So for the next few weeks, I am going to share with you eight things I am trying to giving up to lighten the load of my life. Eight things I want to give up.

But your task for you in these eight weeks leading up to Easter is to start by giving something up. Give It Up. Something. Start with some small things. Coffee. Nicotine. Craft Beer. Lust. Busyness. But do nothing. Get off the bench and into the game.

Three things for you today:
First, share on this post today something you want to give up for the next week.

Second, if you want to take these thoughts further follow the link provided and there are some reflection and small group discussion questions you can use on your own or with other men.

Third, if you are looking for a Men's Daily Devo, then you need to go to the link today. Every day we send out a short email with a scripture, thought, and action to keep you fueled by God's word.

Love you guys, and I will see you back here next week. Till then -- be resolute.


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