God's Got The Future Figured Out


So in context, there is an angelic being who has come to be with Daniel, probably Gabriel. And Gabriel has come to Daniel to explain future events. He has already revealed two future emperors, Xerxes from Persia and Alexander the Great from Greece. And next, he says this:

Then the king of the south shall be strong, but one of his princes shall be stronger than he and shall rule, and his authority shall be a great authority. After some years they shall make an alliance, and the daughter of the king of the south shall come to the king of the north to make an agreement. But she shall not retain the strength of her arm, and he and his arm shall not endure, but she shall be given up, and her attendants, he who fathered her, and he who supported her in those times. — Daniel 11:5-6

So after Alexander the Great, he explained that there would be the coming of two different kingdoms. Egypt (from the south) with a ruler named Ptolemy I Soter (a former general under Alexander) who would reign for 22 years. And Syria (north) was led by Seleucus I Nicator (another lesser general under Alexander), who would reign for 20 years during the same time. To put it simply, these two verses of the prophecy declare that there will be a lot of change after Alexander the Great that would create tension around the nation of Israel.

I think we feel a very light measure of this at present. As we have experienced transitions in power from one president to the next, we have seen changes in positions, policies, politics, bills, laws, spending, and allegiances that naturally polarize people and create tension felt by God's people.

But I think what I read here should strengthen our faith. Here's why. We get to look back and read predictions told in detail long before they ever happened. Therefore, we can be assured that if God knew the details of their future, then he knows the details of our future.

So if you are feeling a little worked up and concerned about the future, know this — there's nothing that God doesn't know. Political and national transitions don't concern him. But God knows they concern us because we don't see the future as he does. He knows what's going to happen and how it's going to affect his people.

In this situation, I think God is trying to calm Daniel down by letting him know that he's fully aware and in control of the future. He's the one who allows people to possess power and leadership but only for a season. We need to trust that God knows what he is doing. He's calling the shots and looking out for us. Our job is to be faithful and trust the one who knows everything that will happen.

ASK THIS: Are you concerned about the future?

DO THIS: God's not, so trust in him.

PRAY THIS: God, I trust in you again today. You are my rock and salvation.

PLAY THIS:  Solid Rock.


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