God Gave Better

For from the rising of the sun to its setting my name will be great among the nations, and in every place incense will be offered to my name, and a pure offering. For my name will be great among the nations, says the Lord of hosts. —  Malachi 1:11

This is an extraordinary moment in the book of Malachi. God declares that he will make his name great again. While unbelievers and believers will make little of him, he will make great of himself by offering a better sacrifice than anyone has ever.

Keep in mind Malachi is the final book of the Old Testament. It's God's last word before hundreds of years of silence that crescendo into the birth of Jesus. Jesus, God's son, would live a perfect life and become the next sacrifice. Where God's people failed to bring their best to the altar, God brought the very best. And he gave his best for us. And in this, he made his name great again.

Honestly, I don't know what else to say today other than why wouldn't we bring our best to the God who gave his best to us.

What do you need to give to God today? When you give, give him your best and make his name great again.

ASK THIS: What do you need to give to God today?

DO THIS: Give your best. He did.

PRAY THIS: God, receive my best gift today.

PLAY THIS: O Come to the Altar.

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2 thoughts on “God Gave Better

  1. Trent says:

    My “everyday duties”. I do not do everything I do in word and deed in the name of the Lord Jesus. I tend to handle my “life” stuff, my chores, and then I get to serving God in my study. In my church. In my descipling. For my hour or so in the morning. On Sunday. You know, “where God belongs”. I fail repeatedly, despite repeated efforts, to take Him with me all day everyday and do all things in His name. Forgive me Father, as I have failed you. Help me to see only you, even in the “everyday”. May the world pass away from my minds sight, so to speak, and nothing but your plan and your word remain. More of thee and less of me. Thank you Jesus.

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