When All Hope Is Gone, God Still Saves


Then [Claudius Lysias] called two of the centurions and said, "Get ready two hundred soldiers, with seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen to go as far as Caesarea at the third hour of the night. Also provide mounts for Paul to ride and bring him safely to Felix the governor." — Acts 23:23-24

So let's recall the context. Paul is taken into custody because Claudius is concerned about the Jewish council's hostility toward Paul. He knows that they are angry at Paul about religious matters, but he had committed no act of civil disobedience. The riot was started by Jews, not by Paul. Yet, he still wants to get to the bottom of the issue because Paul is a Roman citizen, protected by Roman rights.

But then we discover there is a secret plot to kill Paul. Claudius finds out, and he is not about to let Jews kill an unexamined Roman citizen under his watch. So Claudias readies a major envoy and sends Paul by night to Caesarea, the region's governing capital. He is going to let his superior Felix deal with him. Marcus Antonius Felix was the governor of the region who followed Pontius Pilate, the governor at the time of Jesus.

Now up to this point, God has used many different means to save Paul. He has used miracles, natural events, believers, non-believers, friends, relatives, officials, leaders, and now Roman authorities who will give him a royal escort with 470 soldiers to a town a couple of days away. I hope you're paying attention. Because basically, God is showing us that he can save a man on mission for him by any means he chooses.

So if you are feeling like God can't save you from a present circumstance that feels hopeless. You need to hear this. You are dead wrong. If God wants to use 470 soldiers and walk you right past your enemies who have plotted against you, he can, and he will. So don't put faith in your plans. And don't put trust in the enemy's plan. Put your faith in God. He's got his plan. He is your salvation. And he still saves.

ASK THIS: Do you need saving? Saving from what? (Share it below, and let me pray for you.)

DO THIS: Trust God and let him save you.

PRAY THIS: God, I am run down by those who oppose me. Save me from my enemies. Only you can save me.

PLAY THIS: Our God Saves - Paul Baloche.


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When All Hope Is Gone, God Still Saves

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29 thoughts on “When All Hope Is Gone, God Still Saves

  1. Cory B says:

    Myself. Having 90% great days lately & the other 10% drags it down and turns into a pity party. I still have faith in His will for me, yet I still have an empty spot within me. Is that even possible if I truly have faith?

  2. Bernd says:

    Hi, thank you. Please keep me in your prayer for the job decisions I am facing: staying at the place that I am in or accepting an offer that is not that much better. Thank you. Be blessed. Bernd

  3. David J says:

    God save me from my sins. It is awesome to see so many brothers in Christ responding and praying for each other. I am praying for you all everyday. Keep up the Godly work Vince you are making a difference in our lives. Thank you.

  4. Paul L says:

    God delivers just when you need it most and the past 24 hours He has done just that. I have been really down, lost my best friend on Thanksgiving Day, got negative results on a recent biopsy and I allowed this to just throw my whole spiritual and daily life out of wack. I let the enemy in my mind influencing my thoughts and actions. Low and behold a Christian brother reaches out to me unbeknownst of my recent struggles giving me an accountability partner to work with. Another friend who sees my struggling provides some help in routines I need to get back in place. For a bit I thought I was going to slip back to the “old” me and my old negative self talk, and sin, then Christ uses Vince as a vehicle to share his message today. I am worthy and I am saved. And thank you Jesus for your boundless grace.

  5. Tom says:

    Our God can and will do the impossible as we trust Him, let Him out of the box and OBEY His voice. He always causes us to triumph, even when we don’t understand.

  6. Trent says:

    I need saving from stress and anxiety, mostly over finances. I know this is basically just a lack of faith. Much like all my other stress and worry. I know the scriptures to go to and the things that “help” this. But the feelings are still there and still exhausting. I “know” how to deal with this, so I tend to not mention it to God or men. Much like my other problems, I “know” how to deal with it on my own. I do not want to bother people let alone Jesus. And this leaves me tired and without a relationship. Father forgive me for going it alone. I know you want a relationship with me, and a relationship involves the good, the bad, and the “I know how to handle it”. More of you and less of me. Every day, this I pray

  7. Mark says:

    Just like what James M says, I am my own worst enemy. The stalemate devotional yesterday and the one today about God’s plan and not mine, about how HE saves us from not only our sin, but any circumstance. My problem is that I often give things to him, and take them back, or begin to employ, “my way, not His” and we all know where that leads. Currently the stress of my job and the exhaustion I’m feeling as a result are significantly impacting my ability to have joy during this most wonderful time of year. I pray that God will bring that army of soldiers to guard me through these next couple of weeks. In the past few months he’s delivered me from an addiction to pornography and sexual immorality and I praise Him daily for that. This is just a blimp on the radar compared to the things He is doing in my life. Thank you Vince for your ministry and for your prayers!

  8. Brian says:

    I need saving for me. I am my own worst enemy. I am working recovery from sex addiction and need saved from that and healing from all the hurt that has caused my family.
    Thank you for the this ministry as these devos and the prayers you give have helped so much. They help turn me to God and help my find hope.

    • Walter says:

      Hey Brian, I will pray for you and your family today. I know what you’re going through but please know you can conquer it.
      Psalm 46:10

    • Mark says:

      Brian, my brother in Christ. I will pray for you daily, I know your pain, your struggle and the weight this has placed on you, I too share the addiction that you’re working through. Continue to be strong in your faith, God delivered me from that addiction and it is incredible. In HIS time I’m certain he’ll do the same for you. I’m hopeful that like me, you have a brother that you are able to be completey vulnerable with, someone to share in those difficult moments and in the celebrations of victory, someone to hold you accountable and a brother who will pray with you and for you always. If not, pray that God provides someone for you – my “brother” has been God’s gift to me over these past few months as I’ve come through that battle. Prayers for you brother as you go through this journey.

        • Mark says:

          Thom, my brother, absolutely will pray for you daily. As I said to Brian, i know your pain and your struggles, I too lived through that addiction. Just remember that God is good and He will never forsake you, lean on Him and pray without ceasing. One of my favorite scriptures is 1 Corinthians 10:13, about temptations and how God always provides the way of escape. Having been through this, I assure you that His promises are true and that there is peace and joy on the other side of the battle. Prayers brother, reach out here anytime!

  9. William Fry says:

    Every time I read you, you give me truth, help, encouragement and Jesus…thanks and God bless!

  10. James Meador says:

    I suppose I am troubled by the “enemies” of today. Jesus declared, “Do not worry about tomorrow……for today has enough troubles of its own.” Yesterday we talked about a stalemate and thanks to my bolstered faith in Jesus amidst the situation (Thank you Trent) I persevered. Today I need saving from myself! We are our own worst enemies men! We are hard on ourselves, analytical and cynical towards ourselves, striving to be manly men. But let us fix our eyes upon Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith for it is HIS name by which we are saved and not by our works or our ability to shove down everything we are enduring for the sake of soldiering on!! I pray that each man that reads this devo today will be renewed and energized from whatever you are facing. Tell your Father exactly what is in your heart like you are HIS child.

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