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So today, we begin chapter six. The Babylonian empire is out. The Mede-Persian empire is in. And Darius is the monarch. Which, by the way, occurs precisely as predicted in Nebuchadnezzar's first dream. No surprise there. So here's how the text reads.

It pleased Darius to set over the kingdom 120 satraps, to be throughout the whole kingdom; and over them three high officials, of whom Daniel was one, to whom these satraps should give account, so that the king might suffer no loss. Then this Daniel became distinguished above all the other high officials and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him. And the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom. — Daniel 6:1-3

I think it's so funny how things change around Daniel, but Daniel doesn't change. He keeps plodding along. And what I love about him is how he continues to produce superior work. And note that Daniel is over 70 years old, fellas, and he's still doing it better. He's not in retirement. He's not out at the club playing golf or pickle ball, smoking cigars, and drinking scotch with the boys. This man is still in the game. And his work is as good or better than it ever was. In fact, he's doing his best work right now. And it's so good his work surpasses all of the best leaders in the Persian empire. He outperforms all the governors in the 120 provinces. And people notice that there is a "spirit" about him.

Fellas, this is the type of man all God's men should aspire to be. We should be producing superior work. Work that's superior to everyone else's. And we are not doing it for promotion, power, or prestige. Remember, we discovered in the last chapter that Daniel doesn't care about these things. So he's not motivated by them. He knows something that all the other governors don't know. He works for God and not man; therefore, regardless of his culture and the man he works for, he will produce the very best because his motivator is something that can not be gained or taken away from him. Daniel works only for one man and his pleasure. He is motivated by the pleasure of God. And therefore, his work keeps improving because he works for the best man.

So fellas, don't slouch at work today. Don't cut your day short and end up cutting yourself short. Get after it. Produce the very best. And don't do it to get something or to be something. Do it because you know something — God's pleasure.

ASK THIS: What will you do today to produce superior work?

DO THIS: Do it for God's pleasure, not your own.

PRAY THIS: God, may my work be a sacrifice to only you today.

PLAY THIS:  Glorify Thy Name.


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11 thoughts on “God’s Man Produces Superior Work

  1. Jonathan says:

    At what point is getting after it, too much? I’m struggling with that now. I get after it, but when I’m done, my body hurts. It hurts to a point thqt I don’t want to be useful at home or to my fiance. The balance is difficult

  2. Eddie Ackerman says:

    I will not allow the distractions around my house, I work from home, to prevent me from focusing on work.

  3. Donald Crisp Jr. says:

    Oh how I could have used this advice a decade or so ago. I was a firm believer back then, but working in corporate America, I let the drive to succeed overpower my beliefs and found failure rather than a God led spiritualsuccess. I wish I would have been like Daniel.

  4. Jesse S says:

    Thank you Vince. Like Daniel, I follow God and his path is good. Doing my best today but things are not going the best. I’ll continue to try and that’s everything and all that we can do one day at a time.

  5. Bill Kirkhoff says:

    May we as men of God get in the game, and there are many ways to do just that. As we pray the Holy Spirit will direct our path to were He wants us to get off the bench, and get into the game, there is not a better place to be, but in the game. Christ has already won the game, Amen!!

  6. Paul L says:

    I have been reflecting on how we are just stewards of God’s creation and it has enriched my view of going about my “work” each day. I tend to equate my good works to serving our Lord in helping others intentionally not that I am serving God while just doing my job–and doing it well. Adam was directed to do so and the forbidden fruit was a reminder that he was a steward not the owner. So I’m schooled once again that what we have– our land, our car our home are all God’s and its temporal. It sounds like Christian 101 but I guess I needed a refresher on this.

  7. Tom E Dog says:

    Very impactful image of Daniel! An inspiring challenge whether working for pay or in retirement. There are always needs to be served. May we do it like “Dan the Man” in a manner pleasing to God.

  8. Tom F. Sr. says:

    Another resounding YES and AMEN!
    Thanks Pastor Vince! May everything I think, say and do, be a reflection of THE Great God who loves me, and gave His son for me! May I live out from within, an excellent Spirit among men! – Colossians 3:17 & 23.