God's Truth Is God's Glory


Now at Lystra there was a man sitting who could not use his feet. He was crippled from birth and had never walked. He listened to Paul speaking. And Paul, looking intently at him and seeing that he had faith to be made well, said in a loud voice, “Stand upright on your feet.” And he sprang up and began walking. And when the crowds saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in Lycaonian, “The gods have come down to us in the likeness of men!” Barnabas they called Zeus, and Paul, Hermes, because he was the chief speaker. And the priest of Zeus, whose temple was at the entrance to the city, brought oxen and garlands to the gates and wanted to offer sacrifice with the crowds. But when the apostles Barnabas and Paul heard of it, they tore their garments and rushed out into the crowd, crying out — Acts 14:8-14

So now Paul has traveled about 18 miles south yet again to the town of Lystra. Lystra is a place Paul will visit three times in the book of Acts. And this time, it appears that he gets a more positive welcome than the previous two experiences. He even gets some "god-like" treatment. And to the people's surprise, Barnaba and Paul were not happy about this.

There are a couple of lessons we could take away from this instance.

First, you'll notice that Barnabas and Paul do not go straight to the synagogue. This is because there wasn't a synagogue in Lystra. However, there was a Greek temple. Therefore because of the people's ongoing exposure to Greek mythology and worship, it was easy for them to perceive this lame man's healing as a work of Greek gods. And therein lies lesson one. Sometimes our biases prevent us from seeing the truth. This is exactly why we teach our kids that "bad company corrupts good morals." We understand that constant exposure to corrupt messages and behavior will eventually affect the beliefs of a person. And so Barnabas and Paul must correct this corrupt bias and clarify who worked the miracle.

Second, you'll notice that Barnabas and Paul race to correct the issue not only because they interpret them to be Greek gods, but they misunderstand they did not heal this man at all — it was God. And herein lies lesson two. Sometimes God will do something through us, and it's important to deflect the glory that might be projected onto us when this happens. This is a temptation for all men. It's especially enticing when something finally goes right. And thus, it was right for Barnabas and Paul to correct this quickly.

So the two lessons for us today are this:

  1. It's God's truth that corrects all man's biases.
  2. It's God's glory and it's never stolen by man.

ASK THIS: Is there a bias you need to address or glory you need to give to God?

DO THIS: Pursue truth and give Him glory

PRAY THIS: God, I give it all to you. My biases and your glory. Amen.

PLAY THIS: Yours — Elevation.


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God's Truth Is God's Glory

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41 thoughts on “God’s Truth Is God’s Glory

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m alive! And appreciating your devotions so, so much Vince. God is using you in my life. Thank you and Praise God!

  2. Bjorn Guttormson says:

    I’m alive! And appreciate all your work Vince. Continue to preach and make disciples, You’re making eternal differences!

  3. Sam says:

    Hey!! Thanks for all of your hard work . I start my day with your message and it is truly a blessing.
    I believe you are one in a million, in that you are doing just what our God would have us do!!!
    Keep up the great work.
    Thanks again Sam

  4. Tim Preuss says:

    My friend Bill McAllister shared your devotions with me this summer – the Job study came at a time of grief for my wife and I and was powerful in helping me through that time. My men’s group is now using the devotions as the basis for our weekly study. Thanks for the daily insights – you challenge me to think deeply about scriptural truths and their application to my life every day.

  5. Eddie Ackerman says:

    I appreciate any viewpoint on the Bible from any brother or sister in Christ who has more knowledge, experience studying, and/or has been a believer longer than I have. fresh perspectives based on facts and experiences is something I always look for in my faith walk. Your daily devos are just one of the tools I use to grow in my faith. Thanks Brother Vince.

  6. Bill McAllister says:

    Vince, Thank you for your daily devotions. I have passed on and share with many of men. I can tell you that there are Men’s groups using these devos as their bible studies. I am thankful for you and grateful God has given you this most powerful ministry. Our high school male bible study is growing thank to the your book. “The Thirty Virtues”
    I am gaining a many insights from “Acts” Thank you

  7. Michael. says:

    Great devotional this morning. I thank God for your teaching Vince. I share these with my son who is in Navigators supporting college ministry. I like the two takeaways here. All glory to our Lord for every good thing. Right away. Yes.

  8. Rich Bruce says:

    Well said Vince. As men we like to dominate and be recognized. We like cheerleaders more than “corrective circumstances”. But it’s God’s glory and His truth.

  9. Josh Cousino says:

    Deflecting the glory we receive back to our Creator God, not just at some point, but immediately! What a powerful image of responsive leadership on Paul and Barnabas’s part.

  10. Chris Wimmer says:

    I really enjoy these daily devotions. I have done them for almost two years. We did a Men’s Resolute group at church and I have been on these every morning since. Thanks amd keep up the great Godly work.

  11. Eric Mello says:

    Hi Vince
    I have shared your daily devotional with our men’s group. Your ministry is greatly appreciated. Biblical, encouraging, short and sweet 😀

  12. Eric says:

    Thank you Vince

    I have shared your daily devotional with our men’s group. Your ministry is greatly appreciated. Biblical, encouraging, short and sweet 😀

  13. SHELDON Bullard says:

    Any amount of success that i may experience is totally because of God’s grace towards me and I give Him glory.

  14. John Krumm says:

    Hi Vince,
    God’s life has kept me living, sir! Liking the daily videos and start my day with them as I take communion. Shalom my bruh!

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