Have You Become An Irritable Legalist?


Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. — Galatians 6:2

The willingness of a man to bear another's burdens is the leading indicator of a man who lives under the Law of Grace and fulfills the law of Christ. You see, this man knows grace because he has experienced it. His life is lightened by grace. And because his experience was so good, he wants others to experience the same thing. Thus he is willing to bear the load. Do you see the reciprocating effect?

On the other hand, there is another man. He is a man who has slowly bought into the system of legalism. Here's how it works. At first, he becomes irritated by unrighteous behavior. And rightly so, as God hates all unrighteousness. But this man hates it and wants to rid his home, workplace, government, church, and the world of it. Therefore he establishes unspoken rules, laws, and behaviors that legislate change. These rules, spoken or implied, are a burden. Not a burden for him to bear, only a burden for others to bear. Notice he's not bearing a burden like a man who lives under grace. But he is loading a burden onto others. And this man won't admit it, but he has no thought of grace. In fact, the thought of grace might irritate him. He's too busy judging others to extend any form of grace.

And you might be wondering how I came up with this description? Well, I didn't have to look far. This is what I tend to do. It happens to all of us over time. So if you are slipping into becoming a judgmental, legalistic, irritable man of God, then maybe you need a fresh experience with grace. God's grace is so good. It's good because God is willing to bear every burden you have. And as he does, we should be willing to do the same for others.

ASK THIS: Have you become a little too judgmental and legalistic?

DO THIS: Ask God to give you grace and extend it to others.

PRAY THIS: God, I need your grace today. Give me freedom, so I, in turn, can share this with others. Bring someone along my path today whom you want to extend grace. May I be a willing participant.

PLAY THIS: Jesus Culture — Freedom.


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Have You Become An Irritable Legalist?

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11 thoughts on “Have You Become An Irritable Legalist?

  1. David Josker says:

    Great words today Vince.
    God, I need your grace today. Give me freedom, so I, in turn, can share this with others. Bring someone along my path today whom you want to extend grace. May I be a willing participant.

  2. Eddie Ackerman says:

    I tend to be judgmental about my in-laws bitterness about the past and their inability to release the anger about past hurts, but rather to dwell on them. My kids seem to do the same thing, one bad thing happens in their day and it’s a HORRIBLE day. God please help me to extend grace and not assume that the current actions/responses of others are about what is happening in the moment and please help me to not make the situation worse by these assumptions, but to simply love on them in the moment.

  3. Chris Caliguire says:

    For Jesus willfully laid down his life for us. How do we not desire to be a living sacrifice for him? Repentance / Grace. 2 sides of the same coin. I just finished a JD Greear book (real thin yet impactful) that seemed to tie it all together. “Stop asking Jesus into your heart” (How to know for sure you are saved). I’ve been struggling on if repentance is works that I’ll never achieve (similar to the jews) and how to rest in grace. I need less you tube and more Bible and prayer. I was explaining to a young friend last night whos been Churched all of her life, how repentance is a gift to be prayed for so we can properly thank the Lord for His gift of grace. Not a work that achieves us right standing. And how repentance is a life long adventure which is often frustrating. Thanks Vince and all of you men for your insight and comments. I truly try to put them all together and pray for wisdom for all of us!

  4. Tom F. Sr. says:

    Great words Vince! Grace is the extension of God’s mercy and forgiveness at the expense of the blood of His own Son. When we TRULY understand what it cost God to forgive us, then we will graciously forgive others. I am SO thankful! 🙌

  5. Cory D says:

    I can think of several times I have received grace in my life. From friends, family, coworkers and employers. What I don’t know is how many times I received grace and didn’t know it. May I do the same today. Thanks for the reminder Vince!

  6. Mark says:

    Good word Vince, I recently had a situation in my community where I felt I was disrespected and in hindsight made a bigger deal out of it than I should have. Too much ego and pride (i.e. insecurity) and not enough grace and understanding. I need to show more grace to others and to myself and stop trying to judge or change others which is a futile, exhausting and impossible task. Better to just focus on my own growth and extend grace to others.

    • Jack says:

      Insecurity. As I read your comment I realized that my insecurity, which manifests itself as you shouldn’t be needing others to help carry your load, limits my participation in the reciprocation of grace. Thanks for being vulnerable with your comment. As is common the honesty of one man helps another man see his own flaws.

      • Mark says:

        Thanks Jack, appreciate you brother. Let’s continue in growing in grace both to ourselves and to others.

  7. Trent says:

    I do not know as if I am judgemental but impatient I most certainly am. You see this wrong, you know it is wrong, you know how to do right, SO WHY MUST YOU CONTINUE TO DO WRONG! And I may tend to forget that some of the wrong I have had for 40 some years are still there and others that I have overcome, it took me a long time to do so. Lord fill me with your grace that I might extend it to others and not be lawful, impatient, or judgemental. May your love and light be all that is seen coming from me.

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