He Bears Your Burdens

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Proverbs: A Strong Man Is Wise.

I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. — John 16:12

This sentence really grabbed my attention today. Jesus, the loving teacher, understands exactly how much his disciples can emotionally bear.

But this statement also makes me feel like an emotional, mental, and spiritual wuss. Remember that Jesus is fully aware of everything that is about to take place. He is about to take on the weight of the world's sin. Yet at this moment, he is tending to the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of his disciples by withholding some things from them because he knows that they cannot bear them.

Just consider how you respond at the end of a frustrating day or after hearing troubling news. How do you typically respond? Are you angry, vicious, and vindictive? Are you more worried about the injustice you suffered? Not Jesus. He doesn't even appear to think of himself. He seems more concerned about the weight of others.

And that's how much Jesus loves you. So much that he would rather not burden you but bear your burdens along with everyone else's.

So let me ask you this.

If this is the case, and Jesus wants to bear your burdens, why are you trying to bear them alone? Let someone who can bear them be your strength, and maybe then you will stop being an emotional, mental, and spiritual mess.


  1. How does knowing that Jesus is concerned with your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being change how you face your burdens? Are you ready to let Him bear them?
  2. In what specific ways have you been trying to bear your burdens alone, and what steps can you take to surrender them to Jesus, trusting in His infinite love and care?

DO THIS: Give Jesus a burden.

PRAY THIS: Jesus, teach me to relinquish control and to place my anxieties, frustrations, and fears into Your capable hands. Remind me that You walked this earth and know my struggles, yet You were never overwhelmed. Allow me to lean into Your strength and to find rest in Your presence.

PLAY THIS: Cast My Cares.

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104 thoughts on “He Bears Your Burdens

  1. Chad Husted says:

    Chad Husted, Temperance MI
    I’ve been a raving fan of your work for a few years already- sharing your quality content with men often. Know your efforts bless many Vince. Press on!

  2. Bryan James Zitelman says:

    Bryan Zitelman , Dresser WI.
    I pretty much have given all my Illnesses, Worries and Pain to Jesus. Last Saturday I was giving a testimonial to our men’s breakfast and fell Fant, my heart stopped, and I died for 2 minutes with over a week in the hospital and a new pacemaker I’m leaning on Jesus for a way to help with my medical bills. Now that I’m back and alive I’m searching for where Jesus wants me.

  3. JR Rodriguez says:

    I got the Proverbs book and cards but it is not The Strong Men one. Hopefully I can win one.

  4. Tim Hornberger says:

    Tim Hornberger, Richfield, PA. My copy is on the way but would love to share with a friend!

  5. Gary V says:

    Gary Vosen from Lino Lakes Minnesota. I listen and or read your thoughts and insights on God’s Word each day. It helps me in my daily spiritual walk.

  6. Keith M Thompson says:

    Awesome Devotional. using these for my men’s small group discipleship

    Keith Thompson
    Melbourne Victoria Australia

  7. Eric Eggleston says:

    Great way to start my day listening to the daily devotional! Thanks,

    Eric Eggleston
    Ruidoso, NM

  8. Jason Guillory says:

    Sherwood, Arkansas

    Sometimes as men, we attempt to take things on and want to fix them. Jesus, doesn’t want us to take things on ourselves, he wants us to lean into him, talk to him, and share with him the burden(s) we face. He’s always there for us, but like any relationship, it must involve two way communication. Communication involves speaking and listening. There’s nothing our God can’t bare. Talk to him, seek him, and trust him.

  9. Eddie Ackerman says:

    Eddie Ackerman
    Becker, MN

    I heard you speak on King David at Big Sandy Camp a few years ago and have loved your perspective on the Bible through these daily devotionals ever since. I also helped on work crew last September in Detroit Lakes. I love serving others and can hear your heartfelt love in these messages to myself and all the other brothers in Christ that use them to impact their lives too. Thank you Vince for being you and for modeling Jesus to us in your own way.

    • Justin Bennett says:

      Justin Bennett
      Monroe, GA

      Have been faithfully listening for 1.5 years and have not missed any.

  10. Nick Carlozzi says:

    I’m struggling to trust Jesus with everything going on my life. I feel like Peter going down, but I don’t see Jesus’ hand reaching for mine. Or like Job, who understood Who is on the Throne, understood he will see his Maker one day, he was in despair, but at least God answered him from the whirlwind. I’m searching for His Hand to lift me up and I’m waiting for Him to call out from the whirlwind of life. I stay in Bangs, Texas.

  11. Franklin Lovell II says:

    Franklin Lovell II

    929 West Fourth Street Apt 5
    Williamsport Pa 17701

    I love listening to your devotionals every day. You have helped me in many ways

    • Franklin Lovell II says:

      I’m sorry who ever is in charge of these comments can you please remove my full address. Thank you

  12. Duane McPheeters says:

    Really enjoy going through Gospel of John. I’m a wuss too. Jesus take and bear my burdens. Thank you. Duane McPheeters Loomis, Ca.

  13. gonzalo correa says:

    Gonzalo Correa
    Santa Maria, CA

    LOL, well I’ll state the obvious… this is one way to get a lot of comments brother 😂.

    I personally already purchased a copy on amazon but should somehow my name is selected for this free copy I’m thinking of doing this as a mentorship program with the man I meet twice a month.

    Still I pray the person that receives this copy is not only blessed by the Lord but increase in wisdom that this man will pass it to all those he encounters in his life and points them to Jesus while there still time … because He is coming SOON…

  14. Daniel Rushton says:

    As part of my morning routine, I read my plan in the Bible app, and then read your message of the day. It’s an awesome way to start the day. Thank you GOD for Vince Miller and all my Brothers out there. From Tecumseh, Oklahoma I say may GOD’S Blessing be on you all.

    • Richard Morris says:

      My name is Rich Morris riding you from Bunnell Florida please give a copy of proverbs to a deserving man this month I have already ordered to and I just wanted to say thank you I enjoy listening to you and being part of this church every single morning and I hope that someone else will be able to grow and become stronger like I have been through your work thank you again Vince you’re an amazing man

  15. Jimmy G Lucas says:

    Your daily devotion,has become spiritual fruit for my daily walk with him . I am on my second year reading the entirety of God’s word not for boast,but for the love of knowing him more on a daily basis and loving his creations and praying for those around me.. thank you Father for your fruits of love.. Jimmy Lucas 674 Clay hill rd. Pelion SC 29123

  16. Ruben T. Garcia, Sr says:

    I know that with Jesus by me I’m able to bear what burdens and issues that come my way. I sure wish I could remember this each time an issue comes my way. I need prayer in this part of my walk.
    Ruben T Garcia, Sr
    Gresham, Oregon

  17. James Wooden says:

    James Wooden Easton PA. I watch these daily since you were at our Lake Champion retreat as a speaker last year and enjoy them very much. Pray for me that I get a job, I lost mine early summer and it has been hard to find a new one. Thanks for your blessings you provide in your Devo’s! Just awesome

  18. Ron Setter says:

    Listen to you every morning before going to work . Live and work at Hume Lake Christian Camps. You spoke at one of our Men’s conference recently and love it. Thanks for being faithful for our guys. Ron Setter
    64144 Hume lk rd, Hume Ca 93628

  19. Joel Lemos says:

    Hey Vince, my name is Joel Lemos, I’ve been following your Daily Devotionals for over 18 months. I’m originally from Southern California, but recently moved to Idaho. Your Daily Devotionals have become part of my life. I look forward to them every morning. I’ve encouraged my 6 brothers and several friends to make this a part of their day as well.

  20. Chris Caliguire says:

    For those that don’t know that this fervent prayer ACTUALLY works (it’s totally supernatural how a few minutes of prayer can calm anger and anxiety), please watch the Unseen Realm on you tube by Dr Michael Heiser. It will totally open your eyes to the fact that we are truly living in a spirtual realm. It’s not new age or whacky. Although it’s an hour long, it’s well produced and moves right along discerning verses like, sons of God, the angels that were initially put over the 12 tribes, etc. As a former legalist I just find it astounding, watch it probably once a month and it has just catapulted my prayer life!

  21. Ed says:

    I’ve been trying the lone ranger approach for a couple decades now
    It’s not a good road. One only has so much reserve and resolve on one’s own.
    Leaning on Christ and surrendering is the only way forward. We will all eventually learn that I pray.

  22. Patrick Z. Pope says:

    I am casting the pressures associated with sexual addiction on my Lord. He is helping me through Bible reading, prayer and Celebrate Recovery. My home is in Hillsboro, Missourí.

  23. Jim Blood says:

    Shoreview, MN.

    Love your Devo’s! Dropping my boy off at college today. Pray over him for safety!

  24. Sheldon says:

    It changes greatly knowing that I can cast all of my cares on him.

    I am burden about the spiritual condition of my children, that they would understand that morally good people don’t go to heaven it’s those who by faith have received Jesus as Lord.

  25. Gregg says:

    I was making a marketing decision yesterday and then I remembered your devo. It’s funny how many decisions we make without consulting God!
    Gregg Stoen
    Lowry, MN

  26. Dave says:

    This Devo is reinforcing what I believe and comes during yet another storm where I’m relying on His strength. Thank you so much.

    David Soderquist
    Centennial, Colorado

  27. Sam says:

    Vince – thanks so much for these devos. Sharing them with other men and using them as a springboard for discussion of the things of the Lord. Thank you to you and your team for the hard work you do in providing them

    I’m on staff and my church and dabble in some graphic and video. Where do you get the fantastic images you use?

  28. Robert Colbert says:

    Vince, love your materials, I have been using them to lead (disciple 5 men) share your daily Devo with my 6 nephews and another group of 20 men every morning here in Hickory NC.
    Keep up the Kingdom work.
    Much grace
    Robert Colbert

  29. Kenneth Lute says:

    Kenneth Lute’
    Lockport, NY
    I have used your books for our men’s ministry. Appreciate the honest and straight forward word.

  30. Ron says:

    My mouth says I trust Him in all things. But my feet say I can do it on my own. Why?
    Ron Pinegar
    101 4th St NE
    Mitchellville, Iowa 50169

  31. Chris says:

    Chris Long, Turbotville PA
    Love this devotional I think I will share it at our church’s upcoming campfire chat on Sunday. Thanks for the reminder that Christ wants our burdens.

  32. Steve Webb says:

    Steve Webb, Apple Valley MN

    I appreciate your ministry and devos! You are part of my morning routine!

  33. Rick Criqui says:

    Rick Criqui
    North Brunswick NJ
    Thank you Vince! Past few months have been a blessing following your daily devotional. Was looking for a daily reading and this was it.

  34. Jerry James says:

    What is a man’s typical response to life?
    “I got this!” It isn’t our nature to let anyone else carry our burdens. If we’re honest, it’s pride. Try humbling yourself at his feet. Crawl up in the lap of your heavenly “Dad”. Give Him the most caring hug you can muster then fall asleep in his arms. “Come to me as little children”. This is how He wants to take your burdens.

  35. Michael Meyer says:

    Michael Meyer
    Wichita, Ks
    Today’s devotional really resonated with me this morning. I had a tough end to my day, and I was everything that you described as I was trying to bear the burden of that day myself. Thank you for this morning’s devotional.

  36. David L. Trima says:

    Not Jesus. He doesn’t even appear to think of himself. He seems more concerned about the weight of others.
    “Typical” Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!
    David L. Trima North Attleboro, Massachusetts

  37. Ian Bonthron says:

    One lesson I have learned is to put my trust in God. Because I know I fail myself all the time.
    Ian Bonthron, Rotterdam New York

  38. David Denowski says:

    Blessings on your ministry Vince, you’re having a great impact on us men!
    Dave Denowski, Peshtigo Wi

  39. Gary Allen says:

    Your devos are always interesting…sometimes you “stretch” the WOG …be careful (Rev 22:18-19)

  40. Dwight Trampel says:

    Thank you for doing these devotionals. I start every day with you. On the rare occasion that it doesn’t show up in my inbox I really miss it. The way you explain the text is enlightening.

  41. Bill Adams says:

    Great insight! I love the way you green out the truth in scripture. I share your devotionals with someone God put on my heart almost everyday. You are blessed with spiritual insight.
    I have pre ordered the proverbs devotional but I know many men that have not and should.

    Bill Adams. Bemidji , Mn 56601

  42. Tom Fredericks Sr. says:

    Pastor Vince! Thanks for your ongoing commitment to our Spiritual health. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers always.
    Tom Fredericks
    Dickson, Tennessee

  43. Thomas Piccolo says:

    Devos with you are my morning wake up. It awakens me to speak and pray to the Lord. Thank you.

    Ft Worth Texas

  44. Joe Mize says:

    Our men’s team at Lone Oak First Baptist Paducah, KY has been using the daily devotionals over a year. This has been an awesome tool to build up our team one day at a time. Praying for your ministry.
    Keep up the great work in Him

  45. Chuck Morelli says:

    Chuck Morelli, Louisville, Kentucky. I listen every day and share as well through my Linkden platform.

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