He Knows My Name


The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.—John 10:3

Sometimes it's inconceivable that God has a specific and individual awareness of each of us, including our circumstances and challenges. Like a Great Shepherd, he knows each one of his sheep—even you. This is both soothing and scary. When the Shepherd speaks, a holy and protective fear is heard. And once in a while, he calls us by name, because brother he knows your name—he did create you. And the Shepherd knows how to best lead you, leading you away from danger and toward a life of adventure. Will you listen to his voice? Will you travel with him? Will you let him lead you?

ASK THIS: What prevents you from hearing the Shepherd's voice?

DO THIS: Delete the noise, and listen more carefully.

PRAY THIS: God, call to me today. Even call me by name. Lead me, and may my spirit be immediately obedient.

PLAY THIS: Tasha Cobbs: You Know My Name.


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