Hear His Voice

“O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice;
in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch..
” Psalm 5:3

Do you ever wonder why you don't hear God's voice or see God move? Could it partly be that you lack communion with him? God wants to hear "your voice." He's even eager to hear from you as his child "in the morning," with each new day. Put this truth to the test. Start today by talking with him, in eager anticipation of hearing his voice. Let him hear the movements of your lungs, voice, mind, and soul. Let him know you, and moreover - be known by God. "Prepare a sacrifice" of self for him and "watch" to see if this does not change how you view God's movement and hear God's voice this day.

DO THIS: Start today in conversation with God.

PRAYER: God, while today is running at me, I need to run to you. Receive all of me today and hear the longings of my heart as I offer them as a sacrifice of myself. Accept all of me, and show me you and your work today.


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