His Purpose Competes With Mine

'And the two shall become one flesh.' So they are no longer two but one flesh.—Mark 10:8

God has purposes that often compete with mine. And sometimes, this is evident within relationships and communities where we face difficulty. Marriage is one of those contexts. I frequently discover that my selfish desires, thoughts, and behaviors are in direct conflict with his higher purpose. Yet, God still uses marriage to reshape the rough edges of my character. He uses circumstantial moments in my marriage, to reorient, reform, and reshape me—and my wife.

But God was upfront about this.

Above Jesus states, when "two become one flesh," the previous "two independent people" cease to exist, and they become something entirely new—a distinct one-flesh—inseparable and permanent. We are transformed!

DO THIS: Embrace the transformation process. Let God change you.

PRAY THIS: God, there are many parts of your transformation process where I am resistant. Help me not to resist your teaching, inspiration, nudges, and even convictions in my life regardless of who they come from—including my spouse and my community.


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