"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”—Romans 12:12

Every day can feel like another struggle. And there are moments in our life we are desperate for salvation, healing, and a little hope. I have been there. Those moments I want God to reach down and rescue me from my situation and circumstance. I can cry out for an end in the hope of relief. But sometimes God wants me to realize the hope I have in the middle of these circumstances, meaning He's not going to provide me the immediate assistance I want. Sometimes God wants us to find joy in the hoping, patience in the suffering, and persistence in prayer. And while I may not want these things, they are often precisely what I need. Joy. Patience. Prayer. Not about my present circumstance, but what He's going to do in my future.

DO THIS: Focus on the hope of the future, not the present. Have hope!

PRAYER: God, today, I lift my eyes from my circumstance to the future that you have for me, and in this give me joy, patience, and consistency.


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