One of the chief tools of great entrepreneurs and leaders is vision. This tool is a weapon for leading people, influencing decision-making, dealing with issues, overcoming obstacles and so much more. Here are 3 tips on how to build a lasting vision within you business or team.

  1. Be Strategic With Vision. If your key strategy, often you macro-strategy, does not have vision deeply embedded in it then supporting strategies, goals, and tactics will not have vision either for supporting people who carry it out. Correct this immediately is critical as this is a fatal mistake that will silently sabotage direction and your macro-vision. As you define this vision, simply think about the solution you are bringing to the problem and present a clear picture of the future you want. Then when you have your vision in place be strategic again about when and how you talk about it. Applying strategy to vision gives vision legs.
  2. Catch People Living It Out. If you want vision to last then you get it to move from your mind into people’s hearts. Organisms are what give vision movement because they give life to the vision make it a reality. This is the influencing side of leadership and vision. The best way to reward this is to make this a 10 minute part of every team meeting. Let people share a story of success around the vision or how they saw the vision being lived out. Also as the leader you can share a story of how someone on the team lived out the vision in a unique way. When we look for it we quickly discover there are thousands of decisions we each make everyday that support the vision.
  3. Apply It Personally. This is obvious but yet a detail that cannot be missed. If you live it out the others see and you as well will have stories to tell. This is the primary way we keep the burden we have for the vision alive and the passion that goes with it.