How To Plan A Great Men’s Breakfast

Now guys, where there is a men’s ministry, you’ll probably find a men’s breakfast. And I have been to more men’s breakfasts than you can imagine. Usually, I speak at about one each week at some church around the country, and I have to tell you some are awesome and some, well, not so much. And while I always seem to enjoy them, there are some that I have attended that are just better than others. So, I figured I would share with you four components that I believe will make any men’s breakfast better that lead to increased spiritual outcomes.

First | Pick A Great Day and Time

Picking the best day and time is critical, and I believe Saturday morning is the best time for the biggest audience. Regardless of the age of the man, most are available to come for an early Saturday morning breakfast that does not interfere with other weekend activities. The highest attendance is always between 8:00-9:30 AM, but you can go earlier or stay a little later. But when the clock hits 10:00 AM guys are going to begin to get a little squeamish so don’t drag it on. Have a sharp end and let men hang out if they want, but a trapped man is not a happy man.

Second | Be Invitational

Men are not just going to show up. And while an announcement at weekend services helps, it is not the only way to invite. So, don’t count on this working! There are a lot of tactics that will help, but the most important tactic is to gather a team of men that will invite and bring men with them. This personal buy-in from other known men is a powerful indicator of their confidence in the morning, and if men are not inviting then they are not confident! So, get buy-in from a few men, and invite them to work on your behalf. Also, if you can get your senior leader behind it, this is very helpful. People follow your senior leader, and usually, his influence reaches farther than you think. Other than that, promote the snot out of the bacon, pancakes, and coffee and leverage social media to get the message out.

Third | Locate a Great Speaker & Inspirational Topic

You need an exceptional speaker that can speak to men’s issues and drive men toward spiritual change. Try to go all out here and pay him to be there. I have attended a few men’s where the speaker was less than inspirational, and this can leave everyone disappointed. All the other components are easy, but a good or bad presenter will determine the spiritual direction and outcomes. As you select your presenter, keep in mind men experience various “pain-points” in life that need to be addressed. And while a gospel presentation is always viable, I would make sure that the main topic addresses the issues that men in your culture. In general, men wrestle with issues like purpose, leadership, family, marriage, career, and private and personal sin. Find a topic for your men that would get them thinking and drives them toward spiritual change. And make sure this is done in a way that builds men up, without shame, and you will draw a crowd of men who are hungry not just for breakfast but spiritual growth.

Fourth | Define Next Steps

Well defined next steps are the most critical component that many men's leaders forget. We get so focused on completing the event that sometimes men never hear what is next. Events can inspire change, but real transformation needs a defined process with clear next steps. Determining these actions is not just a good idea; it is pivotal for your men’s ministry, and its future growth and expansion. Clarify for men what you want them to do next, and be determinative about it. I have learned over the years that suggesting is not a good idea, just tell them and they are more likely to do it.

If you ever want to talk this out, or are looking for a men’s speaker I hope you will give me a call. You can contact us at [email protected] or feel free to call the office our phone number is on the top of the home page on the website

Vince Miller Founder of ResoluteVince Miller is the founder of Resolute and is an authentic and transparent leader who loves to communicate to men and has a deep passion for God’s Word. He has authored ten books and small group bible studies exclusively for men.