How To Plan A Great Men’s Breakfast

Where there is a men’s ministry, it is likely you’ll find a men’s breakfast. I have been to more men’s breakfasts than you can imagine. Bacon, pancakes, coffee, and an inspiring message are the general mainstays of these meetings. While they are always a good time, there are some that are better than others.

Here are the four components of great men’s breakfast’s that are proven to drive a great event with a solid spiritual result.

First | Pick a Day and Time

You have to pick the best day and time. Saturday morning is the best time for the largest audience. From Millennials to Baby Boomers, most men are available to come on a Saturday morning. Make sure it is early enough so as not to impede with the day’s activities. This gathering may fall on the one-day a week many of those guys can sleep in, so…

Second | Make it Attractive

There is no harm in promoting large piles or bacon or custom coffees. But to gather men, tap the shoulders of the passionate men of the church. A personal invite from a well-liked and respected man will draw men. Period. Getting buy-in from these leaders and sending them out to draw men in will translate to a crowd of men in attendance.

Third | Topic

All men experience various “pain-points” in life. Men wrestle with topics like purpose, leadership, family, the workplace and so on. Match an appropriate topic to where guys in your context feel a real need to improve. Do this in a way that builds up men instead of shaming them, and you will draw a crowd of men who are hungry to grow.

Fourth | Next Steps

This is the most critical component. Events inspire, but real transformation is a process. Having a plan is not just a good idea; it is key to the spiritual health of any man and any men’s ministry. Great men’s breakfasts have strategic next steps that help men apply God’s Word. Do this one thing better than any other, and I promise you will see immediate and lasting spiritual change.

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Dave Mergens is a sincere and passionate leader who loves to communicate to men and has a deep passion for God’s Word. He has led hundreds of men in both events and small group settings. He oversees the training and support of men’s leaders and churches connected to Resolute.