How To Take That Challenging Next Step


And now, behold, I am going to Jerusalem, constrained by the Spirit, not knowing what will happen to me there, except that the Holy Spirit testifies to me in every city that imprisonment and afflictions await me. — Acts 20:22-23

There are so many lines of this speech that are worth talking about. This one illustrates something essential. That the Spirit does not always lead us where we want to go but may need to go. Sometimes he leads us right into apparent anxiety and affliction, which is in direct contrast with the health and prosperity we want from life.

Remember Paul, who we formerly knew as Saul, was at the apex of his career in Jerusalem just 30 years prior. At the time, he was on the fast track to becoming one of the great religious leaders of the day until Jesus hijacked everything on that road to Damascus. By visibly seeing the resurrected Christ, Paul was changed. And now indwelled by the Spirit, he preached about this resurrection and now was compelled to return Jerusalem — a place that held many mixed memories for Paul. And this return meant stepping into a potentially harmful situation.

Some of you today are walking into a potentially harmful situation. And you know it. You are being called to address an employer, coworker, spouse, relative, or even a child. And for you, this situation might be tense. You don't know how it will turn out, but you are compelled to deal with it because it cannot continue any longer. And while you are apprehensive about stepping into this, know this — you are not alone. The Spirit of God lives in you. And that's all you need — supernatural help when you cannot do it on your own. So today, as you address this matter, lean on the Spirit even more than you ever have before. Discover the supernatural leading and power of the Holy Spirit, for he is all the health and prosperity that you need.

ASK THIS: Where do you need supernatural help today?

DO THIS: Trust more in the Spirit than ever before.

PRAY THIS: God, as I believe the Spirit lives in me, increase my trust in you and let your Spirit do the work I cannot do.

PLAY THIS: Francesca Battistelli - Holy Spirit.


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How To Take That Challenging Next Step

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4 thoughts on “How To Take That Challenging Next Step

  1. Paul L says:

    The Holy Spirit has changed EVERYTHING for me. He has guided me in, out and around the enemy within and the enemy seeking me and the enemy that suppressed my life for so long . No more!! My eyes are so wide open now that it is difficult to understand how I have survived before knowing the Holy Spirit. Though God’s plan has always been to lead me where I am right now and I am so grateful to be on this path that allows me to serve the Glory of God, every day in every action in every thought.
    Off to worship brothers! Have a Blessed day!

  2. SHELDON Bullard says:

    In sharing my faith with some of the men in my sphere of influence , that they will not be offended.

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