I Will Fear No More

But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall. — Malachi 4:1

The whole point of this book is to drive God's people back to one thing — fearing the Lord. This is because Israel and their spiritual leaders have gotten lost since their release from captivity. They've begun to fear the things of the world. Therefore, they have gotten irritated with God to the point they have become indignant and proceeded to engage in this self-righteous interrogation of his might, judgment, and provision.

Yet God knows among his people there are some who remain faithful. They do one thing. They fear him. And that's the issue with self-righteous people. They don't fear God. Instead, they question, interrogate, and dismiss him because they fear other things. The things of this world.

But here, God gives his people a little incentive. He promises healing and new life to those who fear him. And these are two things dying people want. Dying people want these things. As we age, we realize our mortal bodies are always reminding us that we will one day die. We are reminded by the aches and pains in our joints, by our deteriorating senses, and even by the diseases that infect our failing bodies. But God promises to those who fear him, healing and new life at the dawn of this one person — The Sun of Righteousness.

So choose today to stop fearing the things of this life. Just fear God in light of all these other temporal fears, and remember you're just moving one day at a time from the land of the dying toward the land of the living.

ASK THIS: What do you fear today?

DO THIS: Fear God.

PRAY THIS: God, I am going to fear only you.

PLAY THIS: I Will Fear No More.

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Paul L

I fear not being in control, which is weird because when I surrender to God and do His will decisions and obedience become easier. However, when darkness coaxes me to do my own thing I sometimes go down that slippery slope until I look back and see God “chasing me” What an awesome God we have!

Tom F. Sr.

Thanks Vince! Great insight. To God alone, through Christ our Lord, be glory and honor! He has transferred us from the kingdom of darkness into His Kingdom!


I fear judgement and failure. Not God’s judgment but man’s. I feel as if my reputation, my character, must be of a man who handles his affairs. Who never drops the ball when it comes to bills or chores. And those now “under” me in my house I feel are a reflection on my character. I feel as if they do something even as miniscule as miss the bus, others are going to look down there nose at me. I need them to fall in line and stress over every little thing like me so we “look good” to others. I try to tell myself it is God’s lessons that are important for me to pass on. To prioritize. And that God’s lessons may come with and from some failures. But I still struggle with the disapproval of onlookers. Father may your opinion of, and relationship with, those around me be the only measure.

David Josker

I think at some point we all struggle with the fear of judgment from others. God help us all to always stay focused on you.

David R

Trent and all parents, I think many times our worst critic and judge is… our self! Also, as a grand and even great grandparent, we say things to young parents about what we would have done in a given situation. “Would have!” We don’t mean to be judgmental or critical. Truth is we raised our kids on a different “battlefield” and in different circumstances than today. Many of our ways of doing would get us into legal troubles in todays world. We see that raising kids is harder today. So we pray harder for God’s wisdom, strength, and courage for the parents of today’s kids. God bless!

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