I Will Follow

As Jesus passed on from there, he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth, and he said to him, "Follow me." And he rose and followed him.—Matthew 9:9

Notice how easy it was for Matthew to follow. It's like Matthew was waiting for something and someone. But why does he respond so quickly? Was his job satisfaction was at an all-time low? Did his lack of female companionship leave him wanting? Maybe he just lacked a friend, a brother, or a mentor? These all might be the case, but they are only circumstantial and temporary solutions to a more deep-rooted problem in all men. No job, marriage, or brother will give us permanent soul satisfaction when a man is looking for meaning. These are temporal and provide limited solutions. I believe Matthew knew he was looking for meaning, purpose, and satisfaction that went beyond the things of this life—and in Jesus, he saw a glimpse of this. Now, this is just speculation until you continue to read how following Jesus gave his life meaning. Read his story in the Gospel of Matthew, the first book of the New Testament. It's the story of a man's search for significance found in the following of the Son of all Man.

DO THIS: Follow Jesus willingly today.

PRAY THIS: God, I resist following a little each day, and on some days more. Help me to stop resisting.

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