Identity Lost

"It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” Galatians 2:20

You think you have life all figured out. And your heading down the route you believe is right, when suddenly you wake up one day to encounter that your life has or is coming undone. Often men meet this in a moment of crisis. It could be a crisis in our youth, college, marriage, career, or maybe even in the life of those around us. But those who encounter this crisis experience a moment of profound reflection on choices, calling, and the coming years that threaten them to the core of their identity. And it's in this moment I believe men, fathers, and husbands search for something greater than the identity they have built for themselves. They begin a search for their true identity. Their real identity. The one found by only turning to the True Creator. The one who created man. And it's discovering this identity that presents a real crossroads for all men - will I continue to live life my way? Or will I come and "no longer live" but let "Him live in me?"

DO THIS: Die to your way and live.

PRAYER: God, I have tried life my way so many times. Even now, again, I am victim to my choices. Take from me my decisions and consequences. I give up my ways. But please, I beg you, show me yours.


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