I'm Exhausted

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.—Matthew 11:28

I am exhausted. How about you?

If you are like me today, I am reminded there is hope, because Jesus loves the weary laborer. The worn down. The burned out. The left out. The broken. The one carrying a heavy load. The one that can't see the end. That's you and me. People who live all in, and therefore they're all out. Out of options. Out of choices. Out of answers. Except one—giving in. Giving in to the only One who always gives rest for the soul.

DO THIS: Give in and give up to Jesus.

PRAY THIS: God, I am a worn-out traveler. Give me the rest I so desperately need. Take my burden and load. Carry what I can no longer carry.


Short. Sweet. To the Point.

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