I'm The Oppressor—Really?

We live in a time when the person who is identified as the "oppressor" is one who is subject to public attack and shaming ridicule. It's even fashionable to be heroic and brave by standing up for the "oppressed." But sometimes this attempt is maliciously motivated and becomes a shameful mistake. For a person who acts "heroic" without properly "learning to do it goodly" may become the "oppressor." Additionally, a person who acts "brave" without properly understanding "justice (i.e., right and wrong)" may perpetuate and even endorse immoral behavior.

As God's people, we may be identified as "oppressors." This is not because of God, but because of sin. And when people "oppress" us for this, as ironic as this might seem, we have the responsibility to respond rightly—not with aggression or indifference. We must stand not for what we believe, but for what God says. We should stand, not arrogantly, but as ones that stewards the truth. We are called to persuade, defend, and plead for those who cannot speak for themselves and do this rightly.

Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause.—Isaiah 1:17

DO THIS: Stand with and for truth today—not your opinion.

PRAYER: God, align my thoughts and actions with your will. Give me the courage to speak and act on your behalf.


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