Immeasurable Power


And what is the immeasurable greatness of his power toward us who believe, according to the working of his great might.—Ephesians 1:19

Have you ever stood on the break of a beach and felt wave upon wave beat upon you? Sometimes you will dare to walk deeper and deeper until the power sweeps you right off your feet.

So great is God's power toward us. It's immeasurable. Yet it's only real and felt by those who believe. It's wave, upon wave, upon wave of power working for every believer. So stop denying it and start feeling it. Let its waves beat against you. The waves of love. The waves of grace. The waves of forgiveness. Let them wash over you, through you; receive it and believe it. Let it lift you off your feet.

ASK THIS: Which wave do you need to feel today—love, grace, or forgiveness?

DO THIS: Let's God immeasurable wave of power beat against your sin and unbelief.

PRAY THIS: God, allow me to see and feel your immeasurable power today.

PLAY THIS: ICF Worship: Waves of Love.


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