Integrate It


Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.—Proverbs 19:21

Integrity is the idea that something is sound in design. That a thing, really anything, is worth the value we've paid, and it meets the demands of its use. When it does not meet the requirements or needs of use, we would say its integrity has failed.

And integrity also can be applied to people. And so men can live with integrity or without integrity. At a fundamental level, this could mean that we do what we say we're going to do. But this is only one level of integrity. But on another level, there is a type of integrity that is far more critical—spiritual integrity. It's the integration between the purpose of the Lord and the mind of a man—and the man who integrates these two things is one that will stand with integrity.

DO THIS: Live by God's purposes and stand with integrity.

PRAY THIS: God, may my character, values, and purposes match with your intent today.



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