It Ain’t Strange


Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.—1 Peter 4:12

We will experience a trial. You may be in one right now. And each trial has a unique challenge when we walk through it. There is an issue to navigate. A person to address. A lesson to be learned. And the more trials you experience, the wiser you get. You learn to be less surprised. Even still, there are some that surprise us. A private sin that was made public. A financial mishap that altered future plans. A health diagnosis that abbreviates life. But why do these surprise us? Maybe because we think we can cheat the trials of sin, we can make plans that will not be altered, and we will live forever. And when we are in the throughs of the trial, we only feel the heat of the fire. So remember, the next time that fiery trial tests you, nothing strange is happening to you.

ASK THIS: Is your present trial a strange one?

DO THIS: Remember you are not strange, and nothing strange is happening to you.

PRAY THIS: God, I know others have experienced my same trial. I also know you promise to carry me through this trial. Please help me to remember today that nothing strange is happening to me.

PLAY THIS: Phil Wickham. When My Heart Is Torn Asunder.