It's A Righteous Way

"For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." — Matthew 5:20 (spoken by Jesus Christ, the Son of God).

Above is the central thesis in the greatest sermon ever preached — the Sermon on the Mount. This short three-chapter sermon is the greatest ever taught. Jesus, shortly after his baptism and temptation, preached a sermon that shocked the religious people of his day. It includes some of his greatest teachings on prayer, obedience, and the path to real joy. But Jesus' central was not what people expected.  It's not a set of beliefs for living a moral life. It's not just instruction for personal inspiration. It's not merely a means of justifying righteousness. It is, however, a "way of life." Men, while we bear the title "Christian," bearing this title and living out the title are two very different things — just like belief and believing are different. Today live out your title and give it meaning. "Christian," after all, means "one who follows the way of Christ."

DO THIS: Live out your righteousness and exceed belief alone.

PRAY THIS: God, I am committing today to live it your ways, even when it's challenging.


Short. Sweet. To the Point.

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