It's Deep Renewal


“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”—Romans 12:2

Spiritual non-conformity is not switching from a list of destructive behaviors to a list of acceptable behaviors. That’s called behavior modification. And while a focus of this type can result in some good outcomes, it’s not the profound transformation this text is referencing. For example, Jesus challenged many different issues of religious behavior modification that led to arrogance, pretending, and hypocrisy in his Sermon on the Mount. He addressed anger, lust, divorce, oaths, retaliation, love for enemies, giving, fasting, praying, treasures, anxiety, and judging, all of which had been reduced to mere religious behaviors but lacked a more profound transformation.

However, true renewal of the mind will result in good outcomes and new behaviors. But these new behaviors are manifest from the right motive, for the right reasons, and the right way due to a new mind.

DO THIS: Get a new mind, not just new behaviors.

PRAY THIS: God, show me where I need a new mindset. May the Spirit convict me and guide. And bring with it some new behaviors that give glory and honor to your name.



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