It's Following Jesus

And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”—Matthew 4:19

Following Jesus is a challenge. Often we write it off as more simple than it is. But most of the challenge is internal, driving deep into the desires and motives that activate selfish desires against godly desires. But following Christ, while challenging, is also simple. Following means turning from your way, plan, vision, and mission toward Christ's way, plan, vision and mission for you. Following means becoming a man who communicates to Christ through the discipline of prayer. Following means listening to the call of the Holy Spirit within you when it convicts you of sin and guides you into righteous. Following means reading and promptly obeying the Scriptures at all costs as the truth for living an obedient life. And following means becoming a man who is unashamedly a "fisher of men" who therefore shares his faith, belief, and convictions with the world.

DO THIS: Be a fisher of men.

PRAYER: God, give me opportunities today to share my faith, belief, and convictions with others.


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