It's God's Way

She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins. — Matthew 1:21

So this is the same verse as yesterday, but I want you to notice two items here. That God knew two things about this child before conception. First, he knew the child's gender. Second, he knew the child's purpose. This is because these are things that only God determines. God determines our design, gender, purpose, and plan and no one else. Now we can protest it. We can reject it. We can repurpose it. And we can re-identify it. But this is the way we have done things since the Garden. We have done them our way, which leads to sin, and the rejection of God. And our plan doesn't work. We need another way. We need another plan. We need one that isn't ours that saves us from our brokenness. Either it's our way or God's way. But only one plan saves. And his plan was Jesus. A son of the living God sent to the world to save us from our sin and selfishness.

So today, instead of doing things your way, why not try his way? I have discovered over a lifetime, his design and plan really work.

ASK THIS: What are you doing your way, that you need to try doing God's way?

DO THIS: Just do it God's way.

PRAY THIS: God, I want to try doing it your way.

PLAY THIS: Your Ways.

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David Josker

I agree with you all. I’m tired of failing at my way. God help to always focus on your way.

Christopher Adkins

Gods way is the right way. I’m tired of doing life my way.

Kerry Pople

Amen. A word to remember the day before Christmas. As always, God’s plans always trump our own attempts. His plans succeed, whereas our attempts fall short. Thank you for the Word, the day before we honor His plan, set in motion to redeem our broken relationship with our loving Creator.

Chris Caliguire

Amen! Why do I need to often revisit that His plan is better?! Once you’ve tasted that goodness, you can certainly tell when you’re out of sync. Also, why is he and his lower case in this verse (and others in general)? I was told a couple of years ago it was Greek translation context situation. My girlfriend came and asked me that question last night, didn’t like my answer and found in her parallel Bible that new king James has capital H. She was so happy that she “won”. I was happy that she cared and had the resources to investigate. But i still want to win. Lol. Help…..


Heaveny Father, let Your will be done in me this day on Earth as it is in Heaven that Your glory be magnified and Your joy be great in Heaven in Jesus name. Merry Christmas Lord.

Eddie Morales

Pastor Vince,
I wish you and all men we read you a Merry Christmas and that the star from Bethlehem shines in yours hearts and our Lord breathe, continue inspiring you with strength and the Love only our Savior can.
God bless you.
Peace from our Lord on these holidays

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